Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun Times...

This weekend was full of fun (for me anyway). Friday the kids and I made Halloween sugar cookies. Making cookies is a job, but including 4 kids in the process is madness. I was having them help me count the number of cups of sugar and flour that we included and our counts were never the same. I dumped the flour back in the canister 3 different times due to our mis-matched numbers! <Eating the dough is the best part, right? (don't tell Ryan. He thinks its nasty and he is WRONG)

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Friday night my mom took the girls home with her for a sleep over, which I am positive that there was a good time had by them all. They played beauty shop and came home with bright pink and orange fingernails. Grandmas are the best, aren't they! And thanks to grandma, Ryan and I got a night out on the town. (ha, ha) Our exciting night on the town included a trip to Walmart for pics and supplies for the retreat and dinner out! Aren't we the most exciting couple ever! We got home, watched a few DVR recorded shows and were in bed before 10!! We both had stuff going on on Saturday! The reason for the sleepover and the date night was because I was going to the Holiday retreat with some friends.
It was a lot of fun. I got to spend the day with Dani and Misty and we got to spend all day creating cute stuff!!
Thanks girls for a fun filled day! I really had SO MUCH FUN!! (I had pics of the two of you, but I didn't think it would be nice of me to post them, since I didn't have one of myself, and we didn't get one of the 3 of us:(. )

On a different note, has anyone been to a corn maze with kids? Is it fun? Will my girls like doing it? There is one in town and I think it would be fun and tonight is family night, so no scary stuff. I just need to talk Ryan into it...that might be tough!

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Lindsey said...

Your always such a busy little bee. I'm excited to hear you want a watch, they are so fun and cute. You will probably want one that matches most of your clothes, which I would think it's pink!!! Just your luck I have a pink watch face right now. Tell me what type of beading you like. Glass, wood, shells???? And your wrist size?? But you can do any color. With the pink face you could also wear, white, black/silver, browns anything. The band is changeable so it would work anyway you want it. Let me know so I can keep this pink one if you want it. They are $25.00