Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Deep thoughts tag...

1. If every job paid $50,000 a year, and you had no physical or mental limitations, what would you do?
I would love to be a wedding planner. Helping people prepare for thier perfect day. A job that requires you to only deal with happiness, perfect, if you ask me!!
2. What is your current church calling? What do you like about it? What have some of your other callings been? I don't have one and have never had one. Church is a scary thing for me. (but that is a whole other story!
3. Name a person you regularly encounter (outside your family) who brightens your day. My old boss, Dallas. I don't see him as often as I used to, but we were like brother and sister. We could talk about anything. We were really oppisites, but liked a lot of the same things (like Friends, the tv show). Everytime I see him now, he still makes me smile.
4. In twenty years, what do you think you will miss most about your life now? Having children in my house everyday. The messes, the noise, and the large amount of little shoes that are strewn all over the house.
5. What’s something you appreciate about your spouse?That he is so sweet and caring. He always likes to love and kiss all of us, everyday! (lucky us)
6. What is your favorite routine, household chore?
I really don't love any of them, but I like to do the dishes, only because I love an empty sink.
7. What’s a book you return to occasionally (besides the scriptures.)? The Anita Standsfield books. All of them. I have read them all about 5 times. They are really good.
8.Favorite Small Pleasure:
Watching General Hospital. It is dramatic and silly most of the time, but I love it. I DVR it and watch it when it is quite and I am by myself.
9. Favorite time of the day?
8:30 at night. The kids are in bed, the house is clean, and I get to watch my shows in peace=)
10. Name a person who performed what they thought was a small act of service, but ended up being a big deal to you: When I was pregant with Emerson and sick everyday, my mother-in-law would send dinner home. I would pick Aniston up from her house after working all day, she would give me something to take home for dinner almost everyday. It was a good thing because I was always exhasted and sick. My family didn't starve because of her. It meant a lot to me!
11. Name someone who somehow changed your life:
My friend Melissa. She had cancer at the age of 28. She was a single mother, going to nursing school, still worked, and never one time did she have a bad attitude about the whole thing. She made me see that anything is possible.
12. Consider what you do each day. Think of one attribute or trait that you bring to your daily work that is a strength—what is something you do really well? I think that I am a busy person. Is that a good thing, I'm not really sure, but it is how I manage to get everything done. I like to be doing something all the time. I watch tv and have a project on my lap. We go somewhere in the car and I have a project, we go camping and I take projects. I just like to be busy!!

Now I tag anyone who wants to do this one...

And remember the give away... only today and tomorrow left. The pumpkins could be yours, just leave a cute family related saying...


Brasher family said...

It's so fun to read these and find out more about you!

Thanks for the comment about the cake. I just decided last year for Ava's first bday that I wanted her to have a super cute cake. So, I looked up some recipes online and did it. It turned out good, but I was really stressed. This time it was perfect. And fun too. I sure wished we lived closer, I think we could have some fun coming up with stuff together. So, when you're ready, let me know. I have a great fondant recipe for you.

Dawn Rae said...

Thanks for playing along...all these tags can get out of hand! I love your ghosts and bats floating around too!