Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taylor Swift is AWESOME!!!

I have said this before, "I think that Taylor Swift is so cute"

and now I don't just think


Grandma Tracy and Aniston

(check out Anistons' Cheezer...she was so excited)

We got there super early, just so us country folks wouldn't have to fight the rush hour traffic...

After Aniston picked out her t-shirt, we saw this bus.
Here we are waiting for Glorianna to start.

She came out very 1st of all wearing a band uniform and singing "You belong with me"
She changed her clothes a million times, changed microphones from red sparkly, to white sparkly, to black sparkly. (which Aniston totally loved)

"Love Story" was the best. She was dressed in a big dress and standing on top of a castle.

She was SOOOOOOO cute.

She talked through the whole thing, moved all over the stage, and even ended up in the audience. I just love her.

We had such a great time. I hope that Aniston never forgets that we went together, because I know that I never will. Thanks mom for coming with us!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Listen to the music. Don't you just love the cute Taylor Swift??

Well, Aniston and I do...

My mom, Aniston, and I are going to see her in concert tonight!!!

I think that I am more excited than Aniston is...

I do have pics from the weekend, I do have stories from the weekend, but I am just too busy and too excited to download pics.

Did I say that I am going to see Taylor Swift with my favorite girlies???
Did I say that I am excited??

Well I am!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

And the winner is...

Everytime I have one of these giveaways, something unexpected comes up and I never get to post the winner right away!!

My day fell through yesterday and I ended up spending the afternoon with my grandma, helping her deliver flowers to cemetaries.


After all of the awesome comments, (thank you all by the way)
I added all of your names to my bowl...

and with the help of my beautiful assistant...

a winner was drawn...

Lauren, my email address is Send me your address and I will mail you your prize.

Trina, I will just personally deliver yours, since I know where you live.

It won't be until next week though, Due to the holiday weekend.

I am planning on doing a lot of fishing, maybe a little yard work,
and a whole lotta enjoying our 3 day weekend together!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sneeky Peeky

1st of all I just have to say that I loved reading all of your comments. It made me feel giddy like a little school girl. It's always nice to hear or should I say read, nice things about you so


I really love blogging and
because of the viewers I love it even more!!

2nd: It looks like Trina won one of the prizes. I am thinking it is going to be a table runner for the 4th of July. I am keeping the other one going until Wednesday, so leave a comment as to why you like coming here, then on Thursday I will put all your names in a bowl and draw one out!!

3rd: I had the chance to take the Mason's family pictures. They are the cutest, sweetest little family and I had a great time. They were willing to try different things and I am happy with the results, I only hope that they are.

So Mason's here is a sneeky peeky....

This daddy has 3 sweet little girls and I don't think that any of them thought that a little boy would be next...
but they were surprised...
He was the best baby. I don't think I have seen a little baby that alert and quiet! He was sooo sweet and his sisters were not going to give him up to me no matter how hard I tried.

Sandi and Jon,
Thank you for letting me take pictures of you cute little family.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

10,000 views and a GIVEAWAY

I installed this counter back when I first started blogging. And everyday I would look at it to see how many views I had. It made me giddy with excitment when the # would rise.
I moved it to the bottom and sort of forgotten about it, but the other day I noticed it and much to my surprise it has almost reached 10,000. ------------------------>

So guess what...
I want to have a GIVEAWAY to celebrate my 10,000 views!!

I haven't decided what to giveaway just yet (but it will be good, I promise) , but if you want in Leave me a comment why you view my blog. Are you my friend, family, someone I went to school with? Tell me why you like to come here!!

Also, If you visit and notice the # has changed to 10,000 and are the 1st one to leave a comment saying that you noticed the 10,000, you will win too.

So there are TWO winners here!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I had a chance to take some pics of my sisters cutie pattoties.

Britania, Whatta think??

Any you want??

My fab Weekend..

Whoa...2 posts in one day...

My weekend was fantastic, supurb, delightful, perfect...

the list could go on and on.

It looked a little like this...

and this...
They worked so hard, while mommy watched with her camera glued to her face.

So they had a break!

I got to have dinner with my Dad on Saturday.

On Sunday I spent the entire afternoon with my Beautiful mother, fantastic Grandmother, and faboulous sister! All the mothers that I love so much!!

Being a mother is the hardest job that I have ever had. But everyday is filled with beauty and surprise, laughter and tears, joy and wonder, and I feel blessed to have my girls. If they are all that I ever get, they really are more than what I deserve.

This is why I love being a mom...

Just look at these 2. I am so lucky to be their mommy!!

Happy Late Mothers Day everyone!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I {heart}...

I have sort of been a slacker on my 10 things I love on Tuesday...
I have sort of been busy...

and sort of procrastinating on a million other little projects that I have been working on...

But it is finally "Spring" people...

and we have been outside...

and it feels SO good...

ohhh... I {heart} her...

And I {heart} her, too.

she lets me take her picture for practice...

and I {heart} my camera
which I have been playing with outside...
and it ROCKS in natural light...

and I am taking the time to enjoy these little things that make me happy!!
I {heart}
(well almost everything...I don't {heart} the laundry)
about my crazy life!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Last week...

Last week was a tough one for me. It seems that at every turn there was heartache looming on the horizon.

Last week I saw loss, I saw new life, I have been scared to death, and I have felt very unprepared for the future.

My good friends father passed away this week. It is really hard to see people that you care about lose someone they love. I sat through the funeral, while holding my sleeping 2 year old, thinking that each day really is a gift. I am so lucky to have the life and beliefs that I have. I am so thankful for everyone that I know, for they have all touched me in different ways. I sat there thinking that I am not prepared to handle the loss of someone that I love. Death makes you feel so very small. There is something so much bigger than all of us and it is a scary and calming at the same time.

There was a death of a man that I breifly went to school with. When something so bad happens to someone so young it makes life seem not fair. But I believe that everything has to happen for a reason. It is what keeps me going.

And then the "swine flu". Come on now??!!?? I wasn't too worried about it and then the news just wouldn't stop. Then they were closing down schools in Utah and then I started to panic a little. My friend who works at the for the Health Department told me that you shouldn't be worried about the flu as much as you should be worried about having food storage just in case your not able to leave. So after hearing that I came home, and checked my pantry. Bare...

because of our remodel and having no oven for the time being, we had been just flying by the seat of our pants for dinner.

I have been talking about food storage since this time last year. What has my excuse for not having one???? I have no idea. So I found this website.

It is to help you get ready and I am now on a mission. So join me. Let's share ideas..

I am going to put up what I am doing each week on the right-hand side-------------------->

and talk about it once a week. So talk with me, share with me. This scared me enough that I want to be prepared!!

Then in the middle of all of this loss and confusion, I was able to take pics of the Erdei family and their new little girl. And then all the sadness that I was feeling sort of melts away. Just watching a sleeping baby, smelling that new baby smell, gives me a new sense of hope, a new look at life, and I feel better.

And just because I was insanly busy this weekend and I didn't take one pic of my girlies. (and they were being so cute, by the way)
a post just isn't a post without pics so another one of the sweet Erdei family, who by the way just got me 2 more photography jobs!! Yea!!