Thursday, October 16, 2008

Emerson's hair cut

Tuesday, I decided that it was time for Emerson to have her hair cut. OOHHH how I hate cutting off hair that took so long to grow. It was getting so long and wouldn't do anything. So I called and got her an appointment. She was not into the idea of setting in the chair, so after some bribing (you know all of you moms do it too) she agreed. She was so serious the whole time. Not cracking a smile, not even a little one. She started cutting, ooohh isn't is a bittersweet thing. The first real haircut, watching those little baby locks of hair fall to the ground, traiding in the baby hair for a little girl haircut. I wanted to cry a little. My baby just doesn't look like a baby anymore.

Now are you ready for the cutest thing I have ever seen?

and the back...

I seriously am in love with this child. I really, truely feel like she is the cutest thing in this entire world. I am so glad that she is mine. Isn't she cute and oh, so grown up with this new little "bob haircut"?

and one more thing. I am pretty sure I have decided a winner for the pumpkins. I just want to make sure Ryan agrees. Check back later tonight. I will post the winner!! Its not set in stone, so if you've got a good one. Leave a comment. You could still win =o)


Johnsonsblog said...

That is one cute hair cut not to mention how cute Emerson is too. I have to agree with you she is such a doll.

Lindsey said...

OHHH she looks so cute!! I love the haircut, it fits her to a T. That's how my mom had mine cut when I was her age. SWEET LITTLE GIRL! Here's a quote for you. Short and sweet. "May you always have love to share,Health to spare,& Friends to care".