Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tips and tricks...

I want to share things...
(nice of me, right?)
You know when you read something or someone tells you some strange tip and you wonder if it works. And if you are like me you forget and never try it. So I am going to add this feature to my blog.
I am going to call it Tips and Tricks.
(pretty creative, right?)
I will share stuff that I have tried...
If you want to share,
then I will let you guest on my blog and share your weath of knowledge.
If you want me to try something...
I will and share my results.
So for my 1st one.
I swear by Dawn.
My mother-in-law told me to try it to remove grease from a rug.
And it worked, like a charm.
So, after I had my 1st baby and we had our 1st yellow baby blowout.
I tried it on the tiny pink pj's...
and it took that yellow stain out!
And now I use it for everything.
Because my hubby has to wear a white shirt everyday to work,
I have made my own "Dawn and Wash"
Here is what I do to get rid of that
yucky ring around the collar...
And dirty areas...
Dawn (you can use any of them I have tried them all)
a Dollar Store spray bottle
my old toothbrush
(because someone gave it to the baby, who ended up sharing it with the dog)
I mix 2 tablespoons of Dawn to a little more than half of the bottle with water.
Give it a little shake and that is all!
1st Spray with Dawn and water mixture...
and scrub with your toothbrush...
and Ta Da....
It really works!!
And I use it on EVERYTHING.
Punch stains, oil stains, grease stains, a bad accident with chocolate milk and carpets, and it even has taken out set in stains on my favorite t-shirt!
It's a pretty cheap alternative to spray and wash and other stain removers.
I feel that it actually works just as good,
I think it works even better!
Try it and let me know what ya think!
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