Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pumpkin making...

This weekend I wanted to get a lot of craft things done. Ryan and his dad have been planning to go to Lake Powell this weekend since the spring. I knew with him gone I could craft all weekend and may be albe to get some things done. Yesterday after I got Aniston from school, my grandma and I went to Gunnison. They have the Cutest quilting shop on Main Street and we went to check it out. There were so many things that I wanted to get, but decided that one project at a time was more than enough. I bought fabric to make some pumpkins and then I bought a pattern for a bag. I finished the pumpkins last night... See... aren't they cute. I made 2 sets of them and I think that I am going to make a few more. They were super easy and would be cute anywhere. I am thinking about posting the instructions, anyone interested??

Second, I have decided to put a booth in the Misltoe Mall and I now have got to get busy. I was thinking about making these hats, but I am making up my own pattern and they are really frustrating me right now, so I am taking a break from them, but have had a few cute ideas for other hair things, besides the flowers. I am kind of excited, but also way nervous, not really knowing what to expect. Oh well it will be a learning experience.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have been struggling this last week. This Life is full of ups and downs, triumphs and let downs, and just plain sad things. Things have been happening around me that are totally out of my control, but still have left me feeling so sad and so blue. I feel like I am losing faith in Humanity. I think that my family is thinking that I am going crazy, but they are the only thing that keeps me on track. I was setting here today thinking "what am I going to make for dinner?" and in walks this...I can't help but laughing. Really, why am I so upset...

and I have to be thankful for these 3. They really are the most beautiful and most precious things to me...

and "my man" loves me and only me... (I really am so lucky)

and I think that Taylor Swift has got to be the cutest girl...and I love her new song (wait...can you hear it...yup, thats it...cute isn't it?)

So really I can't control all of this madness, but I do know that I am loved, and I am able to love, and I get to do things that I love. So, it really isn't that bad...I really am lucky and I really do know it!

Monday, September 22, 2008

This week

I have been waiting for this week all summer long. I can not wait for Thursday (GREY'S ANATOMY), it is going to be soooo good...

and Desperate Housewives on Sunday...GOOD STUFF

And I needed a good laugh... This is funny. Ben Stiller cracks... me... up...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

THE pink tutu ROCKS...

I just love this girl. Isn't she the cutest??
I was totally feeling ambitious today. After finding the floor in my sewing/craft room, I felt rejuvinated.

I decided to finish a project that I have been wanting to for a lOOONG time. The pink "out of control" tutu.
OOOOHHHH...I am in love with it. So Emerson and I sent Aniston off to dance class and we hit the town for a "mini-photo shoot". I got a few good ones and I love the tutu. (if it were okay for 28 year old women to wear one, I would soooo be sporting a pink tutu to the grocery store) My baby was semi-cooperative and I am fairly happy with how the photos turned out. I have sat here, after putting the girls to bed, and edited them to death...

and last, but not least, I tried something new...

What do ya think???

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

10 things i am lovin' right now...

10. My new fall centerpiece. I just love fall, the colors, the way that the air feels different, and the thought of all of the fun holidays on the horizon.
9. My newly painted room and my new brown bedspread. I don't love painting, but I love the finished product. (and even more so, when I can get the furniture back in place and stuff on the walls=) )
8. The internet. I have 3 fabric stores to choose from, but on the internet, I can get all of the cute fabrics from awesome designers, that these small towns just aren't ready for.
7. My sewing machine. It is a hand-me-down from my grandma and I love it. I love to sit and sew. It is soo relaxing and so rewarding to create stuff.
6. I am in love with Emersons squeeky shoes. I admit the first time I saw someone with these shoes, I thought they were the worst thing invented. I got Emerson some for her birthday and I love them. They are so cute and even cuter that she runs around to hear the squeek.
5. Fire wood. This weekend we went into the mountains to cut fire wood. Ohh how much different a real fire makes those cold winter nights feel. I can't wait!!
4. My craft room. I only wish that the "good organizer fairy" would come and well, organize it for me.
3. Sleepless nights without my husband...(only because he was gone, I couldn't sleep therefore layed awake and had so many creative ideas ranging from how to decorate my bedroom wall to the dresses that I want to make for the girls.)
2. My sweet little girls, who are more than willing to sleep with me while Ryan is gone.
1. Telephones...I can't see my husband for a week, but at least we can talk several times a day. (it still doesn't make it okay, but it makes it a little more tolerable)

Things I don't love right now...
Vernal, Utah...I hate that your Wheelers store is so busy and that I have to give up my husband to you for another week. 5 days is really long.
Honey we miss you and can't wait for you to come home...

What are you lovin' today?

Friday, September 12, 2008

We are up to our "ears" in corn

So I had all of this corn that I had asked my my mother-in-law for. She had taught me how to freeze it last year and wanted to do it again because
1st of all it is so much better than the canned stuff at the store.
2nd of all because it is not full of preservatives.
3rd of all it is free =)

It really is a yucky job. I HATE to shuck it all, mostly becuse of the bugs that are always present... But is doesn't do itself so...
I told the kids we would go outside to play. They would play, I would shuck.

I went inside to start boiling the water and come out to find all the kids willing to help me. Yeah for me!! They were so funny the whole entire time. A hair would get on them and they would squeal and just around. They were all being "so tough" by pulling the husks off. We sat out there for an hour and they all helped, even my baby.
(the pic below, Aniston's corn just flew out of her hands as she tried to pull of the husk)

And then the work really began. I was a corn boilin' fool. I had 2 pots going at once. I was blanching, cutting, and bagging just as fast as I could. My kitchen was full of corn. Every direction that I turned there was corn. But at 10:30 last night when I was finished and the kitchen was cleaned, it was worth it. I bagged 36 bags of corn for my family to eat all winter. It really is a great feeling to accomplish such a big job...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Putting things in perspective...

Yesterday, I thought that I had the worst day ever!! I woke up to a 6 year old poking me in the face. After a restless night of sleep, I stumbled out of bed knowing that it was going to be a pretty busy day. I had slept horrible, because I was thinking about the fact that my mom wanted to take Aniston to Lake Powell with them this weekend and the fact that I was going to tell her no. I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I just didn't want her to go! She doesn't swim well and Lake Powell is a BIG body of water. So I knew that my mom wasn't going to be happy with me.
Ryan had to be to work at 6, which I hate. I have grown to love our mornings together and the day never seems to go right when we miss them. So we had our breakfast, was running behind, Aniston wanted to wear a dress and we couldn't find the black shoes to wear with them, so she had to change her clothes. Out the door we all go at 8:10. Which is 10 mintues later than I like to leave. All the kids are in the van and I am following them, press the garage door open button and nothing happens. "What in the heck". I pushed it again, nothing, I pushed the remote in my car, Nothing! So I call Ryan and he tells me to unplug the cord and plug it back in... NOTHING!! Now we are officially late and he can't leave to help me. I had a friend that I was about to call, but I knew she was on the way to Provo. So I call my sweet grandma and she comes to the rescue. Now the girls are 10 mintues late for school. I get them there and on my way home. I drop my grandma off, because she is letting me keep her car so that I can go to my PTO meeting. With a 1/2 an hour to get showered and ready, I hurry. We make it just in time. The meeting turns out to be close to 2 hours and my terrible two year old was just that, TERRIBLE. She screamed out mommy anytime someone was talking to me. She needed to go potty and after going once and getting to use the water foutain in the hall she kept crying wolf. My nerves were frazzled. I came home and put her on her bed. She cried her little naughty self to sleep and I stole a minute to check out blogs. I had came across this blog the day before, but didn't have time to read it, so I checked back to it. Again having only a few minutes I closed it down and started laundry and getting lunch ready. I took Mr. K to school and then got Ryans Lunch ready. I returned calls to Ryans mom and grandma and then was on my way to pick all the kids up from school. I then ran to Centerfield to get corn so that I could freeze it and then back home to change into dance clothes and then off to Aurora we went. I wanted a quite minute, I wanted a Coke, I wanted to relax, I wanted to sew, I wanted to take some "me" time. But at the end of the day I was exhasted. It felt as though I had ran a marathon. The entire time I was making dinner and cleaning it up and bathing kids and reading books I thought about this blog and about this womans family.
Okay so I am totally rambling now. Here it is. Check it out...

Go here to read her story about her accident...
Go to about Nie... She is originally from Provo, Utah and she is LDS. Which made the story even more appealing to me.
This woman writes daily on her blog about being a mother and how much she loves it. She writes about the love she feels about her husband. As I was reading her blog, I could just feel how optimistic this woman is. I laughed, reading her post and I kept going back reading more and more.
I didn't always know that I would love being a mother. I had never really thought about it. But when it happend I instantly fell in love with the idea of motherhood. Since having Emerson and being able to stay home, I have found that I love it even more. I want to do things everyday to make my childrens childhood unforgettable. I always knew that if something happened to one of them I would die, but what if I was the one that wasn't albe to care for them? What would I do?
I am telling all of you mothers, read this blog, see for yourselves, and love every mintue you have with them...

Monday, September 8, 2008


Custom Glitter Text

Okay, So I survived our fundrasing yard sale weekend and as I set here and reflect back on the whole weekend, my heart is so full. I am amazed at the generosity of the entire community that I live in. I was thinking to myself as we were setting out the stuff that we had collected, that if we made $500 I would be thrilled. All day on Friday my mom and I sold stuff left and right. We were busy with people all day. At the end of the day we sent my grandpa in to count the money. MUCH to my suprise we had made $2100. IN ONE DAY!! My respose was "are you kidding me?" Saturday was not any different. We sold the Navajo Tacos in the afternoon, conitnued with the yard selling, and set up quilts to raffle. In another day we made another $2000. So our grand total for our fundraising efforts from this communtiy was close to $15,000. That is amazing to me! People were fantastic. They would buy something and then give a few extra dollars. We were a little nervous that things would get stolen in the night and when we got back there the next day, people had dropped off more things.
There were so many people who were there to help and just thinking about all the time they spend with us the last few days brings tears to my eyes. I just have to Thank you to a few people. 1st of all we were also raffling a 4-wheeler there. My grandparents have this neighbor who is willing to do just about anything you ask of him. He sat by the 4-wheeler all day long for 3 days straight selling his little heart out. Rick Heaps is his name and I think that he is amazing. He helped us the enitre time, not even willing to take a break for lunch. He was awesome, we couldn't have done it without him.
Next, my grandmas sisters, Eunice and Betty were there all day on Saturday helping prepare and make the navajo tacos. They were fantastic. There really isn't anything like having a great sister. I just love them both so much.
My best friend Starli is next on my thank you list. Barretts donated all of the stuff for the Tacos, which was way more than I expected!! Then, on top of doing that, Starli was down there on Friday and again a couple times on Saturday to make sure that there wasn't anything that we needed. She delivered the food and then went back for me on Saturday. Starli, you are the best. I love you!! Thank you for your help.
C.G. and Brenna Health deserve a thank you as well. They were there 1st thing Friday morning, willing to help any way that they could. They helped us bring out more items and helped us set it up. Thank you both!!
Lastly I would like to thank Bob and Connie Malmgreen. They were down everyday, seeing if there was anything they could do. They donated items to the sale, they bought items, they came back for a Navajo Taco, and then on Sunday they came to see how we were doing and then stayed to help us clean it all up and load the stuff in the trailer. They didn't have to do that, but they did and I am very grateful. There is nothing like having a great friend!!
I know that there is many more people who helped and I remember each and everyone of you. I truly am amazed and so very grateful for the support that my communtiy showed. It was a truly humbling experience. I am so blessed to live in such a great and supportive community!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yard Sale

I am getting ready for the yard sale that we are having to raise money for my uncle. I, 1st of all, HATE cleaning out my basement. 2nd of all, where does all of the stuff come from?? We moved 2 1/2 years ago and got rid of sooo much stuff, and here were are with that much more.

Anyone who lives around my area, you can still donate stuff. We are having the Yard sale this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Dig in you stuff and donate the stuff you don't need. Call me and I can come and pick it up or you can drop it off to me.
We are also going to sell Navajo Tacos on saturday. Come and have lunch.
My friends at Barretts are donating a lot of the items for the tacos. They are awesome. Shop at Barretts!! Thanks guys, you are the best =)

And one more thing, I have to say congrats to my sister. She is having a baby girl;)
(okay we don't know what it is yet, but it we say it is a girl so many times, then maybe it will be) I love ya sis and I am so excited for you guys!!

Monday, September 1, 2008


20 Years Ago. . .
1. I was eight years old, just starting third grade.
2. I had just gotten over a broken arm and was going to start clogging (because it was safer than gymnastics)
3. I was in Mrs. Warren's third grade class and I loved it.
4. My best friends were Dani, Bruce Anderson, and Jason Harvey.

10 Years Ago...
1. I was eighteen years old and a newlywed.
2. I was getting registered for my 1st year at SUU.
3. I decided my major was Physchology. (which changed twice that year and once more after that)
4. I was just starting my new job as a Payless Shoes Associate =)

5 Years Ago...
1. I had just gotten a new job as a Physical Therapy Aide and very excited about it.
2. Aniston had just turned one and we were loving every minute with her.
3. We had bought snowmobiles and were excited about the up coming winter.
4. I had reconnected with an old friend. We worked together, played together, and ate lunch together everyday at Subway =) (Starli, I am talking about you)

3 Years Ago...
1. We were trying to have another baby.
2. Aniston was starting preschool and I was a nervous wreck about it.
3. I had signed Aniston up for Dance class and it was the cutest thing I had ever seen.
4. I was an aunt. My sister had just had her baby and he had just gotten out of the NICU and we were in love with him.

1 Year Ago...
1. My baby had just turned one.
2. We started remodeling our house.
3. I had been a stay at home mom for one year and was enjoying every minute.
4. Aniston was starting kindergarten with Mrs. Dobish as her teacher. (weird because she was starting her 1 year teaching when I was in 3rd grade)

So far this year I...

1. Have learned more about photography and am in love with it.
2. Have sent my 6 year old to 1st grade.(all day school, ahhhhh)
3. Have learned how to lay a hardwood floor, tile a counter top, and texture a ceiling.
4. Have realized just how lucky I am!

Yesterday I...
1. Watched my kids play in the mountains.
2. Cleaned up our camp and came off the mountain :(
3. Went to El Mexicano for dinner. (yummy)
4. Relaxed on the couch while Ryan put the kids to bed!

Today I...
1. Made Beef and Barley Soup and homemade bread for dinner!
2. Cleaned my basement for yard sale items.
3. Talked on the phone to my sister for an hour (because we hadn't talked all weekend).
4. Made an apple pie for dessert.

Tomorrow I will...
1. Totally gut out my trailer and clean it from top to bottom.
2. Help my mom get the yard sale stuff organized and signs made.
3. Drop off and pick up kids from school.
4. Help Aniston with homework and help her read her library book one more time before library day.

In the next year I will....
1. Be a mother to a 3 year old, a 7 year old, and hopefully have another baby on the way.
2. Take my kids to Disneyland and watch their faces light up when they see Cinderella's castle.
3. be learning something new!!
4. Try to enjoy every day with my family.

Now I tag: Britania, Ashley, Lindsey, and Starli

Dani had this on her blog. I took the quiz and I think it is funny. The other day I was telling my grandma that I think that I was born too late. I think that I am a little old fashioned about stuff. Then I take this and I belong in the 50's. I can totally see my self wearing a dress everyday and being all June Cleaver like. Take it... See where you belong.

You Belong in 1959

You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!