Thursday, January 29, 2009

A cute valentine...

I saw these on Family Fun website. How cute is it? It looks like an ipod, but it is made out of a conversation box of candy, cardstock, glue dots, string, a printable download, and some recess peanut butter cups. Here is our take on it...

We are going to make these for Aniston's classmates, just as soon as I buy some more peanut butter cups. Someone (someone named Emerson) found them and ate...them...all...

And I got me some new brushes for photoshop and I have been playing with pics and it feels soooo good. Boy how I have missed taking pics and getting to editing them. I love the little hearts...

and I love these two little hearts... they make my little heart skip a beat...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


"There is only two ways to live your life.

One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as though everything IS a miracle."


{just.ordinary.miracles} hearing someone call you mommy. grey's anatomy. a tight hug. the first signs of spring. a blue sky. the smell of a new baby. laughter. freshly baked bread. the color pink. crying during a movie. being loved. a beautiful picture. a childs smile. your childs smile. a new pair of shoes. feeling the soft green grass on your bare feet. fall leaves. a date with your husband. a night spent with your kids and popcorn. baby lotion. newly painted toe nails. chocolate cake. sparkly things. learning something new. hearing an old song that makes you smile. christmas. rain. dance recitals. nap time. fishlake. internet. seeing your grandmas number on the caller id. old photos. planting something. watching something grow. kisses. small glances from your husband from across a room. friends. snowflakes. coke. an empty laundry basket. knowing you have someone to call. flip flops. a mother's love. grandmas. oreos. a pair of jeans that fit, perfectly. camping. recess peanut butter cups. music. sunglasses.having something to believe in. playing tea party with your two year old.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Adventures in Ice Fishing...

Ryan got an Ice House for Christmas. He and Aniston went on Saturday and Emerson felt bad that she didn't get to go with. So we all loaded up early Sunday morning and headed to Fishlake.
Despite the freezing cold weather, the girls loved it. We caught a few fish (shhh...I out fished them all)!
And Grandma, don't worry, the girls were so warm. Notice Aniston without her coat. We were well equipped with a little heater, snacks, sandwiches, and of course, COKE!
The most entertaining part of ice fishing is that when you are looking through your hole in the ice, you can watch the fish come up and bite your bait. It kept us all entertained for hours. That is something you can't see when fishing out of a boat.
And last, but not least, my fish-crazed husband setting out in the freezing cold, trying to catch "the big one".

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's going to be one of those days...

After being up half of the night with a sick toddler, I woked up this morning with a bad attitude. I know that no matter what I do today I am going to be farther behind than when I started.

I still have laundry to do from the weekend and my dryer is acting up...
I have sheets that need to be changed...I need to sweep my kitchen in the most serious way...

It is a gloomy day outside... it's raining... and I don't want to do anything.
Isn't it suppose to snow in January??

I have photos to edit, I have aprons to sew for a wedding, and I really want to make some cards.
I need to vacuum... I need to dust... I still need to shower for the day.

And I don't want to do anything!!

On a different note. St. George was fun. It was spring there. There was no need for our huge winter coats. The kids played outside on Saturday. My sister and I learned to sew a bag. We stopped for a yummy Vanilla Latte at Perks on our way to our 10:00am pedicures.
We went to Red Robin with my dad and Loralee. It was sooo good. I love me a big juicy hamburger with mushrooms and swiss cheese.
Then grandpa and grandma promised the kids a visit to the bear shop. They went and the kiddos were estatic and now our bears have a new sparkly pink outfit!
Here is my dad with Emerson and Dylan. Emerson warmed right up to him. She sometimes is my shy child, but she was lovin' grandpa that night.

I just love these guys...

Aniston and Jaxon were lovin' grandpa too. He lets them be wild and silly. Who wouldn't love it?

I have high hopes that the day gets better.
I am looking forward to tonight.
Kids in bed, dishes done, and me and Grey's Anatomy spending a nice quite evening together.
Ohh... and I am having a heck of a time finding styrofoam hearts for the wreath. So if you are waiting for instructions, I will post them, I promise, just as soon as I can find the heart! So please check back. And I found the cutest little valentines for your kiddies to give friends or for school parties. I think that I am going to try to make them with Aniston this weekend. I will post pics.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

And the winner is...

and the winner of the valentines wreath is...Shadoe, with the #7. That is the exact # that I picked. 7 because that is my birthday;) and it is just a lucky #. Everyone thanks for playing and for reading my blog.

I will post the instructions for the wreath next week after I get home from St. George. We are having such a good time. My favorite sister arranged for us to get a pedicure yesterday morning. We have cleaned, laughed, laughed a lot more, and shopped. We have got to spend time with my dad and Loralee, which the kids loved.

I just love little getaway weekends!!

And look who is back. src="http://>
What an inspiration!! I have been moved to tears by Nie and her family for months now. I am so happy that she is back. I can't wait to read her blog again!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday

to the Colby Blog. I started this blog for a few reasons and the 1st month or 2 of posts were silly. I really didn't understand exactly what a blog was, boy, how that has changed.
Because of this blog I have found a way to keep in touch with some old friends. I have been able to see my cousins families grow. I have found new friends. I have grown as a person and as a mother. Everyday was full of mundane tasks, me walking around in a fog of laundry, dusting, vacuuming, and breakfast and lunch dishes.

Now, I believe, because of this blog, I am constantly thinking about things to put on here, things to remember, to journal, to capture. I am taking time to write down the things that we do as a family, things that inspire me, things that make me happy, and feelings that I don't want to forget. All thanks to this blog.

SO...Happy Birthday Blog.
You make me a happier person and hopefully make someone else happy when they read you!!

Now I really want to give something away. I asked opinions and I have decided on a Valentines Heart wreath.
(the image was "borrowed" from another site) I didn't make this one, but I am going to make it just for the winner.

**And girls that are in my craft club. This is one of our projects for Febuary. So if you win, I will make you an apron or a bag, your choice.**

I am going to write down a # right now. 1-50.
Leave a comment with your guess of my #. I am going to give you until Saturday morning to guess. Then I will post the winner this weekend. I am going to St. George to stay with my sis, so she will be there validate the #.

I am so excited, are you guys excited???

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meet the newest member

of our family.

Her name is baby apple juice.
The child only speaks a few words that we can understand and when asked her name, she insists it is baby apple juice.
What a kid,
is all I have to say.
I just want to eat her up...

So I am thinking... scary, right?
No, seriously...
My blog is turning one tomorrow. Has it really been one year? It has and I have loved every minute of it. I am thinking about doing something to celebrate my blogs birthday. How about a giveaway? Anyone game??
I am thinking about giving away an apron, or a bag that I am just finishing up, or maybe a valentines decoration made by me. Check back tomorrow. Leave a comment, what would you want if you won my drawing. I'd love to hear what you would all like!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'M BACK....

and ready to blog again. Christmas, procrastinating, a computer virus, sickness, and trying to get back into a routine has taken it's toll and hopefully we are back on track!

Christmas was a whirlwind! It was fantastic and I loved being able to spend it with my family.
Christmas Eve was spend with my grandparents. We had Ryan's wonderful "prime rib". The company was the best.
The girls got to open the 1st present (jammies from Aunt Tania and her family)

and the best part is that she made them just for the girls. WE LOVED THEM!!

Christmas morning Aniston was up at 3:00. Just talking her into going back to sleep was impossible. She woke me up every half hour until 7:00.

We got up, waited for Grandma and grandpa, started the coffee, and woke up little sister. Who didn't want to get up...

Down stairs we went, to see what santa had left...

Did he come, OOHHHH YEAH he sure did!!

But the highlight, the best, the most entertaining, the reason that everyone came to our house this christmas, was the Wii!

Ryan and I always surprise each other...This year was no exception. He wanted a Guitar and so I tricked him and told him that I couldn't get one. I think he was surprised.

He surprised me with the Cricut. I was shocked and very excited. It was just what I wanted!

We made our rounds...

1st going to grandma DeAnn's. Which is always fun. The girls love them.

Then we headed back to Salina.

At grandpas the girls got to play with Uncle Chase.

This year my dad and LoraLee came down. We spent the whole day after christmas with them. I am so glad that they did that. It was so much fun. Ryan made us the best lunch, we played the Wii, we opened presents, and got to visit. It was something that I hope that we can do every year. I really, really enjoyed it and I hope that they did too!

My mom got to spend christmas with my sister this year. I am glad that she got to be there with them, but I was a little sad that they weren't here. But they came later and we had a Wii bowling tournament and Aniston kicked all of our butts.

The holidays were wonderful. After all is said and done, I am a little sad that it came and went so fast.

Now with that said...I was a crazy lady running around with her head cut off. My homeade christmas left me sewing until christmas eve. I was still wrapping presents early christmas morning at about 2:00am. I felt like I didn't get to do fun little things with my kiddos the week before. I was unoranized and very unprepared and I am very mad at myself for being that way. I vow to be better next year, I vow to get my christmas presents made before December 1st, I vow to have my christmas cards done at the end of November. (by the way I loved all of the christmas cards I got from all of you blogging friends) I vow to be PREPARED and just set back and ENJOY the season.