Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, whos got the pumpkins?

Here are the instructions for the pumpkins.
But remember I am giving them away. Just leave me a favorite quote or saying, having to do with family, love, eating. I am going to pick on Thursday and send them out to the winner on Friday.

Now to the instructions. I tried to do this yesterday, but blogger wasn't cooperating.

So I bought 4 quarter flats, fat quarters, or quarter fats(everywhere calls them something different). One of each color.

Next I ironed everything. Then decided which size you want each pumpkin. I wanted my orange one the biggest. Fold the material and cut so that you have a front and a back. (I think mine was something like 10x8)

Then fold the front piece in half with the right sides together. Then at the fold side, sew a diagnal line from the top towards the fold. Then trim off the part that you sewed.
Cut out of the green, enough stems for all the pumpkins. sew them (with the patterned sides together) and leave the bottom open so you can add stuffing. Next, turn the stem, so that your right side is out and stuff.
Then take your orange pieces, lay them with the patterned sides together. Place the stem upside down, with the open side hanging out of the top. Place the other orange piece(right side down) on top. Pin together.

Sew around the pumpkin, leaving the bottom open so that you can stuff it. Turn it and add the stuffing.
Make a little bag out of spare fabric. Fill it with sand, beans, or rice. It helps the bag stand up. Add it to the bottom and then hand sew the opening shut.

Decorate the stem however you want. I tied raffia around this one. You can make a bow out of the left over fabric, anything you want. Then make each other pumpkin the same way, only a different size. You can't mess it up!! They are so cute and so easy. Good luck!! If you have questions, leave them and I will answer any!!


Dawn Rae said...

They are so cute! You are very talented. However, I can't sew and can't think up a cute saying either...if you lived closer I would hire you to make me some though:)

Ashley said...

You are so dang creative! You're all making blankets and bottling and making pumpkins! You are awesome! You need to call me sometime so we can go get a drink or something! I don't work anymore so I'm here all the time!

Meesh said...

Wow! K'Brina,
I am impressed. You give amazing instructions. You make me proud to be your aunt!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a cute quote but can't find it so I'll just keep watching to see who gets the prize and then envy them. Keep on blogging it keeps me up on everybody!!
Luv U,
Aunt MiShele