Thursday, May 1, 2008

It may be gloomy, but...

Today is a gloomy day and it just makes me feel so gloomy. Then Emerson woke up from her 3 hour afternoon nap with a smile on her beautiful face. As I lifted her out of her crib she wrapped her sweet little arms around my neck and squeezed so tight. At that moment I realized that it really doesn't matter what the weather is like outside, inside the sun is always shining. I wake up to 3 of the most perfect people. They love me no matter what is happening outside. So...
My little tinkerbell, Emerson, I love the little face you pull when you are being told to finish your dinner or to be nice to your big sister. You wrinkle up your sweet little nose and smile a mischevious smile. I love the way you love to hug and kiss. I love to watch you look at a book. I can see your little mind working on overdrive. I love that when I look at you your eyes sparkle. I think you are so beautiful.
Aniston, my princess. I love that when you think that I am not watching, you pretend to be the mom. I hear you say the same things to your babies that I say to you. I love the way you play so sweet with your little sister. I love that you dress her up, help her with fill her purse, and help her load her babies in her stroller. You amaze me everyday at how smart you are getting. I love it that you can read to me now. I love that at your t-ball game you chased after a ball and beat all the boys. You picked up the ball and then looked at the boys like "you snooze, you loose". I love that you love to fish with your dad, because he loves it that you do!
And last to my sweet husband. First of all I love you for taking such good care of us. I love that you love your girls and that you love to hug and kiss them. I love that you never roll your eyes in disgust when I say "I was thinking that I want to make this or I want to do this...". I love that you do all the things that I hate to (like yard work). I love that we have remodeled the house together and survived it. I love that no matter what happens everyday that I know that you love me for all my flaws. I love that you have made it possible for me to stay home and raise our girls. I am thankful everyday for you!
I think that we are the perfect fit!

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