Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ABC tagged and I am it...

I was tagged by Janell. So here it goes!

A - Attached or Single: Attached
B - Best Friend(s): Ryan and Britania
C - Cake or Pie: Both- I love dessert!
D - Day of Choice: Saturday
E - Essential Item: Sunglasses
F - Favorite Color(s): Pink
G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Worms
H - Hometown: Salina.
I - Indulgence(s): 1 coke with my lunch. (I tried to drink diet and I hated it)
J - January or July:- July. By January, I hate the winter and the cold and I LOVE the 4th of July!!
K - Kids: 2 girls
L - Life is incomplete without: treats for the girls where ever we go!
M - Marriage Date: June 20, 1998
N - Number of Siblings: 1 SISTER. (and I am not counting all my step-families- 2 step-sisters and 3 step-brothers) Divorces, aren't they grand!
O - Oranges or Apples: Apples, Oranges are too much work and I don't like sticky hands
P- Phobias or Fears: Something happening to my girls or to Ryan.
Q - Quote: "The most important things in life aren't things" And I firmly believe it!!
R- Ring size: 5, even though I don't wear any rings or jewlery.
S - Season: Fall. I love the pretty colors of the changing season, shopping for school clothes, carmel apples, and halloween costumes for kids.
T- Tag 3 Friends: Britania, Shadoe, and Steph.
U - Unknown fact about me: I have OCD about washing my hands and as a result my hands are so dry and cracked most of the time.
V - Very favorite stores: I love Target. They always have the cutest things!
W - Worst Habit: I put stuff off. I think that I work better under pressure, therefore I save everything I have to do until the last minute.
X-ray or Ultrasound: Ultrasound I love seeing the babies and knowing that they are healthy.
Y - Your Favorite Food(s): Homemade bread. I perfected my bread making skills this winter. I wish there was a bread diet and It would be one diet that I could stick to!
Z- Zodiac: Scorpio.

And to my cousins Chad and Mandy. Grandma said you guys have a blog. Thanks for the invite?? I feel left out!
P.S. Ryan is mortified that I put our pile of dirty laundry on here, so someone please leave a comment that yours looks like this so he feels better! Thanks:)


Brasher family said...

I agree K'Brina, I don't know what I'd do without my sisters. I am hoping someday Ava will have one too, but I don't think it will be for a long, long time! Oh yeah, and tell Ryan not to be embarrassed...I always put laundry off and ours looks much worse. :)

Johnson Family said...

We don't have a blog. Chad has a gallery of pictures that he calls his blog. Love your blog. It is super cute. Hope to see you soon. :)


Autumn said...

I saw you and your girls on a walk the other day by Maverick! I loved little Aniston's bike and her sunglasses! The laundry deal, I think I am doing laundry non-stop and mine still looks like that!

Jeff and Lindsey said...

Ok, our laundry looks like that (with Jeff's full of DIRT), especially since were kinda camping, without a washer and dryer. Now I get to be sooo lucky and go to a gross dirty laundry mat. I've tapped into someones wireless connection today..I guess I got lucky. Or maybe not so lucky later.
P.S. I see Autumn on your blog and she's private, will you ask her to add me??? Thanks soo much..oh and no puppies yet. She looks like a pregnant pig with her titties dragging the ground. Kinda funny!!