Thursday, May 29, 2008

6 Random Things About Me

I was tagged by Dani to share 6 random things about me. I have thought about it all morning and this is what I have came up with. I am kind of boring.

1. I love mainstream country music. Kind of lame, I know. I used to listen to VH1 and MTV all the time. I was up to date on all new music and loved new rock and alternative music. That was BK (before kids). And given the fact that the only radio station that we can get in Salina is 97.7, which plays only country music and not even good country music at that, I really don't have a choice!
2. I have never been on an airplane. I think that traveling sounds like a lot of fun. But traveling just isn't something that I think that I need to do. I am a homebody. I love being at home, relaxing in the back yard watching the kids play, reading a book and having a coke. Again, lame, I know!
3. My dream job is being a Wedding Planner. When Ryan and I were getting married, Ryans mom bought a wedding business and I thought that it would be so fun to help people plan their wedding day. Then I watched The Wedding Planner and I could picture myself being a wedding planner. If I lived in a big city that would be what I was doing.
4. I can not say no to people. I can't help it. I love to please people and if it means that I have to stay up late, or take on more that I can, or never get a minute to myself then so be it. I just can't say no!
5. I am frugal. I will shop and shop for the best deals for anything from jeans to toilet paper. It drives Ryan crazy. But everyone likes a good deal, right?
6. I am currently obsessed with going "green". I know that we, as in all people, are making the world a place that may be unlivable one day. I want my children to grow up in a healthy world where they will be able to experience all that this world has to offer. I no longer use plastic grocery sacks. Although the checkers at Barretts don't like my big canvas bags because they make bagging harder. I am currently using green cleaners in my house and I am switching to using the efficent light bulbs and washing all of my clothes with cold water only. I know that there are a million other things to do and I am going to start doing little things to help reduce our footprint on the earth. Now only if there was a way to recycle in our area.(one downfall of living in a small town)

Now I tag 6 people: Britania, Lindsey, Steph, Janell, Shawna, and Ashlee. Let's hear random things about you, too.

Aniston had her singing program last night. I was trying to video and take pictures, which is almost impossibe to do. But here is a little sample of her singing. She loves singing lessons and Miss Tammy, her teacher, is so cute with the kids.


Dani said...

So fun to learn new things about you.

Britania said...

Honey you definately need to get out of Salina, we need to go on a vacation all of us and FLY somewhere, the world is so big out there and I know you would love to see the cool things there are.