Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This t-ball thing is hilarious. There are balls flying around, kids getting confused on which direction to run in, and a whole bunch of parents yelling (trying to be helpful). Ryan is coaching Anistons team, which means that I am also coaching Anistons team. The games seem so long. The kids get so bored in the outfield and wear their mits on their heads. Aniston even decides to set down every now and again. When a ball is hit towards them, they all dive for it. Last night at the game Aniston was on second base and a ball was hit into centerfield. She, and about 4 other boys chased after it. She out ran them all and dove on the ball. I was worried that she was going to be a little girly out there, but she holds her own with the boys.

Her whole team is only boys, besides her. They all yell her name and want her to chase them. Her dad isn't sure that he likes the idea of her chasing boys. I am afraid, very afraid, that we are going to have problems with this one! :(


Jeff and Lindsey said...

That's cute she's playing with all boys. Good for her! She can learn to stick up for herself too. That all sounds sooo fun!

Britania said...

I love it, I think she will definately be able to hold her own. She is a little spunky, bossy, type. I can't wait till the boys can play too.

Autumn said...

That is so cute! I love that she is the only girl! Go Aniston! I love the bottom picture, that is awesome!