Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This is for grandma SueBee

I have known this family forever. These two beautiful kiddies Mom used to tend me and I used to tend her two oldest girls. Their grandma called me for this photo shoot and I was very, VERY excited to work with older kids that would do as I say and smile when I said smile. It was such a good experience.
Just look how pretty this girl is...
She said to me that I wouldn't get any good ones of her...

I beg to differ!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!

And check out this boy...He told me he has a 6th grader chasing after him. Watch out, he is going to be a heartbreaker!

Thanks for calling me Grandma SueBee. I am super excited to finish the rest of these!

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Trinia said...

I think both of these kids are so dang cute! Once again, beautiful pictures!