Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"I had the best day with"

Yesterday was a bad day and Yesterday was a good day.

Yesterday I thought that I might be pregnant. I had been feeling tired, and sick, and I was 4 days late...

but I found out later that night, I am not pregnant. I am sad, but not surprised. Early this morning while I was working I heard this song. (shhhh...listen...can you hear it?)

It made me stop and think. Yesterday wasn't so bad, Yesterday was good.

Yesterday I took my girls to get thier hair cut. Aniston wanted a short hair cut "like Kit's" since Christmas.

Yesterday was the day that I watched her make the decision to cut it to her chin.

Yesterday was the day that I saw her beam from ear to ear when she looked in the mirror and felt her new short hair.

Yesterday was the day that She said to me "Mom I love it and I love you. Thank you for taking me."

Yesterday was the day that she was so excited to show her dad and when he said "it's so cute" and got a tear in his eye, she jumped up in his arms and hugged him so tight.

Yesterday was the day that the two of them didn't fight all day.

Yesterday was the day that my baby crawled in my lap and put her little hands on my cheek and pulled my ear next to her little mouth as she whispered "me uve you, mommy" for no reason.

Yesterday was the day that the girls and I met my mom in Gunnison to see the movie "Up".

Yesterday was the day that we shared popcorn and a 7-up while they both took a turn setting on my lap during the movie.

Yesterday was the day that they gave me a kiss good night and then requested a kiss from their dad too.


"I had the best day with you, today"...


Autumn said...

Their hair is so so cute!! Anitson looks darling!! I am sorry to hear about the other thing, I have been there before and it is so hard and frustrating. Talk with you soon.

Meesh said...

Oh that was the cutest post ever! Their hair is darling and they are both so beautiful. Cherish those sweet mom and daughter moments. They are forever. The other will come at the right time. We love and miss you. Maybe we will see you on the 4th.
Luv U,
Aunt MiShele

Ashley said...

Such cute hair! I love this post. When we look for the positives, I think we often find that there are many more blessings than setbacks in our lives. I'm sorry to hear about your struggles. I'm sure it will all work out in due time.

Chandler, Ashley, and Breagan said...

Both of the girls' hair is so dang cute! Sorry you had a hard day. I guess that the bad days make us appreciate the good ones even more. If you ever need anything, you know that i'm here. (ALWAYS, like I told ya, I never leave! ;) Keep your head up and remember that you are amazing. You're a great mom and VERY talented! I wish I had a 10th of the talent that you do! Love you girl! :)

Kim said...

Seriously, K'Brina! You have the cutest girls ever! And you can capture it all on film! On my bad days, sometimes all I have to do is look into my kids' faces and know that I have been truly blessed. Sounds like "yesterday" was one of those days for you.

Dawn Rae said...

Thanks for posting the good with the bad. I love posts about real days. What some adorable girlies.

Brasher family said...

Your girls are beautiful. I love Aniston's new haircut, so cute!!

I am so sorry to hear about the other stuff. I think if you remain positive, like you are, it will happen. I hope it happens soon for you.

Love the beautiful pictures too.

Britania said...

Oh honey I love you and your cute girls.

Dustin and Matasha said...

K'Brina! This was such a sweet post! It's so good that you took the time to look at the positive when you could have been down in that situation...Your girls are absolutely beautiful! I love their cute look-a-like hair cuts! I hope all is well, and I am going to add you too my friends so I can keep updated (if that's ok!)! Tash

Hone Family said...

Your girls are adorable! You take awsome pictures too. What are your prices?

Brasher family said...

I have had some things printed at Adorama and I was pleased with the results.

I am going to order some prints from mpix soon too. I've heard they are really good, and fast! Another place I've heard is good is White House Custom Copy ( Hope that helps a little. What place did you find?

Kurt and Tara Heath said...

That was such a cute post- I am crying at work!! You have two beautiful girls that are amazing blessings! I have been where you are and these last few months when we thought this little girl wasn't going to make it- it made us focus on what we do have- one great little boy! There are so many things to be greatful for- it is just hard to see them sometimes!! Things work out for the best though- and they will!!

I love your pictures! Your are so talented!!

Tiffany said...

Those are darling haircuts. Your girls are getting so big. They are cuties. I enjoy the reality talk that you do on your blogs. It's so nice to be able to capture every moment, the good and the bad. Maybe will see you on the 4th. Tiff