Monday, June 8, 2009

I am mad!!

Being the mother of girls, I am scared to Death!!

Last week we were at the park for lunch and there was a young girl there. She may have been 14. She had bleached out blonde hair, the tightest tank top, and an Ipod tucked in the pocket of her very, VERY, short shorts. It started me thinking....
I am thinking that I am sending my girls to a convent, or I am going to home school them, or I am going to lock them up and throw away the key. SERIOUSLY!!
I started thinking back to when I was a girl. Who were the singers that we loved and wanted to be like??Remember Tiffany?

I loved her. And look at all the clothes that she is wearing. We all loved her and bought her records even though she was wearing clothes!

OH...MY...GOSH.... Britney has forgotten to get dressed today!!

Oh wait, no she always looks like she forgot her clothes.

Skirts just keep getting shorter and shorter and I DON'T like it!! When I was a high school cheerleader, I am 100% positive that our skirts were not as short as they are now. What is the world coming to??? I hate that all these young girls that breakout as stars, start out being nice. We think its fine. We let our girls watch their shows and buy their music and then they slowly start the transformation into sexy, naughty girls who are out to parties in their short skirts and by that time our kids are hooked!!

I don't want to teach my girls that they have to dress and behave this way just for people to notice them. I want them to be nice, respectable, moral, and well behaved girls who will turn into nice, respectable, moral, and well behaved women.

What is the secret? What to we have to do as mothers to overpower this media "sex sells" BS??

Sorry for the rant...I am just frustrated that this world is trying to make our little sweet girls grow up way too fast!

I wasn't going to blog, but I missed it and it is like my therapy! So I will be back. I have a lot of things on my mind!!


mshaw said...

I agree! It's scary! You can't even go to the store to find a "Summer outfit" that actually covers a little leg. Bryar's almost 2 and all the shorts have about a 1 inch inseam! That doesn't even cover the diaper she wears!! I wonder how we'll combat this problem when she can pick out her own clothes too. I think the key is to teach them while they are young and stick to it. But of course that is probably easier said than done. Once they actually have their own opinions of what they want it's probably a lot harder to control. Good luck!

Shadoe said...


I am scared to death and just keep praying.

You are the BEST!! Thanks for your blog, it is amazing.

We are till trying to decided about the fourth. I personally think that there is only 1 fourth of July.hahaha

The Quarnbergs said...

I am glad that I am not the only one that feels like that. It seems like more and more people just accept it without trying to change it. I have been already trying to teach Tai the "do's and Don'ts" of clothes wearing. Thank heavens for now it is mostly what colors do and don't go together but we have already had a few lessons on modesty! So hopefully we all can teach our girls that they don't have to show a little skin to be beautiful! Thanks for that post!

Bree said...

AGREED!!! I have found it so hard to find pants for the girlys that don't show butcrack when they sit down! THINGS HAVE DEFINATLY CHANGED!!!

Dawn Rae said...

I totally agree. I don't know where my girls will shop when they get older, especially if we are still in Oregon. Blogging is like therapy, sometimes you just have to share!