Monday, June 22, 2009

Pretty Girl

This past week I had a horrible week. It just couldn't get over fast enough. It really was just one thing after another. I had sewing to do, I had photos to edit, I had 2 photo shoots scheduled, I had an extremely messy house, I lost my car keys, which ended up not being lost at all but safely tucked inside Ryans pants pocket while he was at Fishlake fishing for the whole day.
So, Yeah, that week is over and I am ready to start a new crazy week.
I did spend my anniversary with my family and fathers day with my family so the week didn't end too bad.
I did a photoshoot for my mother-in-law with all of the grandkids. It turned out to be quite the adventure.
7 kids=everyone being naughty except my darling little neice, Eladee. She was the cutest, happiest, the youngest, and most photogenic of the bunch.
I can't decide which is my favorite???


zack and kara said...

i love the pictures so much. i think my favorite is the first one. thanks for taking a few of just her.

Tanya said...

oh my gosh. She is darling. You are VERY talented! I also love the pink photography label. It is so cute. Is it new? You ready to give me some lessons? I am ready to scrap some of your darling pictures. What photo editing software do you have?

Britania said...

Cute Cute, just love your beautiful talents. You are the best sis I could ask for.