Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tagged and some random ramblings

Dawn tagged me forever ago...I am a tag slacker.

7 Things I Can Do
1. Make the perfect pie crust from scratch.
2. Make my bed every morning. (its a must)
3. Remember random dates.
4. Diagnose a rotator cuff tear.
5. Draw.
6. Make the best bread from scratch.
7. Sew.

7 Things I Can't Do
1. Deal with mice in my house!
2. Keep up on my laundry.
3. Make a quick decision.
4. Go a day without talking to my mom and sister.
5. Keep the girls' room clean.
6. read and understand a sewing pattern
7. Go a morning without coffee.

7 Things That Attracted Me to Ryan
1. His smile.
2. His dimples. (the same dimples that I see when I look at my girls)
3. His seriousness.
4. His love of the outdoors.
5. His need to feel loved.
6. His practicalness (if that is even a word).
7. His romantic side;)

7 Things I Say Most Often
1. "I love You"
2. "Please, be nice to your sister!"
3. "no, no"
4. "Hurry, We are late!"
5. "How was school today?"
6. "What did you have for school lunch?"
7. "How was work today, honey?"

7 People I Admire
1. Mom (always expected the best out of us)
2. Grandma (she is the most caring person that I know)
3. My husband (he loves us no matter what)
4. Teachers. It would be the hardest, most rewarding, and most thankless job out there.
5. Danyette (for taking a leap of faith and moving across the US, I would never have dared do it. I think you are very brave.)
6. My sister. She has been through a lot and she is amazing. I love her.
7. Sarah Palin. I think she was darling. She didn't care that people made fun of her down home roots. She was passionate, strong, and so charasmatic. Go, Girls. Anything is possible.

7 Favorite Foods
1. A thick juicy Medium Rare steak.
2. Fettachini Alfredo
3. BREAD (bread is a food, right?)
4. Chinese food...sweet and sour chicken, ham fried rice, egg drop soup and chow mein.
5. Pulled pork from Texas Roadhouse
6. Thanksgiving dinner(turkey, stuffing, rolls, and homemade apple pie, yummy, I can't wait!!)
7. Crab...for all the work, it is totally worth it!

7 People to Tag
1. Bree
2. Ashley
3. Britania
4. Starli
5. Jenn
6. Shawna
7. Lindsey

Now that the Boutique is over I am ready to concentrate on Christmas. (Yeah!! I am soooo excited) I have set a goal for myself. I want to make all of my Christmas presents. I have all of the ideas. (but I can't post them, because all of my family reads this.) so if you want to know email me. And if you get my homeade gift and you hate that it is homeade. I am sorry. It is just something that I wanted to do. Someone asked me in the grocery store for some ideas for christmas presents for neighbors and friends. I have a lot of them. I am going to put some things together and then I will post (with pics of course) later. For now I am sewing hats from some orders that I took. If you would like one or some flower clips. Leave a comment about what you exactly want or Email me what you want. (my email is I will get you hooked up.


Shadoe said...

So, I really want to see what you are making. I need a lot of cute sentimental ideas. I also want some cute neighbor gifts and I know you will have the cutest. I will be patiently waiting to see what you have to offer. I will email you my bow order. Thanks SOOOO much!!!

Jenn said...

Do you do boy hats?

Dawn Rae said...

Okay, I am just going to have to call you "Martha" All I can say is WOW, how creative and talented. If you wanted to go big time, I am sure you could sell your stuff on ebay. Outside Utah you can't buy anything like that. I put a headband on Addison and everyone goes crazy and asked where I got it! Great tag I love Sarah Palin, too!

Iverson's, the baby :) said...

Really if you ever need anything plese dont hesitate to ask, I wish I could have hung out with you more when I lived in that hole people call Sigurd. But Im glad we stay close on here. Like I said before you are a wonderful person and Im glad you are my friend