Saturday, November 1, 2008 overview

AAAWWWWW...the cutest little witches!

With Halloween being over and gone, I just want to take a few minutes to write down a few things to remember. I took Aniston to school Friday morning, and after having a week full of hot, beautiful 70 degree weather, it looked like it might end up not being such a great day for little trick'or'treaters. But it did make me smile a little. The night before the wind blew all night, forcing all of the leaves that were hanging on, to be blown to the ground. Sad for the last signs of summer to be gone, but making such a beautiful setting for Halloween. There were grey clouds in the sky giving off a sort of creepy feeling and I just smiled. It was beautiful and it was perfect.

It was "crazy hair" day at school and we did Aniston's hair in braids like Pippy Longstocking. I thought that she was so cute and she was worried that everyone would laugh at her. While Aniston was at school, Emerson and I went to Richfield to run a few errands, buy some Halloween candy, and go to grandma Tracy's work for the Halloween parade. My mom always dresses up in these great costumes and this year was no exception. She was Lucille Ball. She was so cute.

We got home, picked-up Aniston and headed to Centerfield. Emerson had been eating candy since 10:00 and was just a little bit "sugared-up". I was thinking to myself that this day was never going to end and then I remembered about smiling this morning about how it was going to be so fun and so perfect. We got home and got the girls a snack and got dressed a little warmer. Even with the clouds, it was so warm and so great for trick or treating. We usually have to sport our winter coats out, but not this year. It was great. The kids loved trick or treating. Emerson would take each peice of candy from the bowl and just hold it in her hand until she showed me and I had to talk her into putting it into her bag. Towards the end of the Sunnybrook loop she had it figured out. We got back home and had some trick or treaters come to our house. The girls answered the door and Aniston was giving out candy. Emerson, instead of giving candy, reached into the girls bag to take candy from her. I guess it would be a little confusing to my sweet little 2 year old.
We visited grandparents and then headed home for pizza and a movie. We watched Winnie the Pooh Hephalumps 1st Halloween. What a perfect ending to a perfect day!!


Dawn Rae said...

What some cute witches! I love Halloween tights! So fun that they were dressed similar. I love your Mom's costume too, (Greg's mom has the same costume, it's super cute!) I am glad it was warm weather too, that makes it so much more fun!

Misty said...

I see the witch costumes were completed & darn adorable. You're so talented!

Rhiannon said...

Those are two of the cutest witches I've ever seen!

Jenn said...

First--love the new top on your blog.

Your mom is so great! I loved your girls tu-tus and there is just something about that picture of your little girl climbing the stairs to go trick-or-treat-- so cute!

Steph said...

They are the cutest witches!! Adorable! I LOVE the tutu's and the Halloween tights! So fun!

Autumn said...

It was great to see you! Your girls looked darling.