Friday, November 14, 2008

Hats, flowers, and more...

Since I have had so many people ask about the hats I am going to put a list up and tell you what I have left. Then by Monday, I will have them all ready for all of you. 1st things 1st. The hats are $15.00 with a flower. $11.00 without. Flower clips are $4.00. I also have crocheted headbands that are $3.00.

Large hats___________
3 pink
1 purple
Medium hats___________
4 light pink
5 darker pink
2 purple
Small Hats____________
2 cream
1 black
6 darker pink

I am making brown hats for some orders, so if you would like a brown one just let me know.

Now this is how I sized the hats.
the small hat fit Autumns Saige. She is 9 months. They also fit a 1 year old.
the medium hats fit Emerson. She is 2. They also fit Aniston snugly. She is 6. But she has a small head.
the Large fits the little boy that I tend. He is 4 and his sister that is 6. the Large hats also fit me snugly.

Now for the flowers.

I have 28 brown flowers
3 light purple
5 drk purple
2 red
7 maroon
2 green
4 yellow
1 light yellow
1 drk pink
5 hot pinks. (the hot pink in the pic has a be happy center. I can add anything to it. Keep it real or add a button.
2 whites
1 cream.

Leave a comment if you would like to order. Leave your email address. I will get a hold of you within the next 2 days and then we will figure out the best payment and delivery schedule. Thanks so much. You will all love them!!


Brasher family said...

Hey K'Brina! I would love a Medium hat in light pink. I don't need the flower, as Ava has a ton of them already! Let me know how you'd like me to pay. I could always drop by when I get into town, or pay you by paypal, and have you ship it to me.

I'm excited! They are soooo cute!

Shadoe said...

OK, I want your 2whites and 1cream. Also, 2 pink and do you have any brown? I need to find some brown with pink or something cute like that.
If you haven't already put the bottons on the whites can I get a pink button and/or brown buttons? I hope this makes sense.

Shadoe said...

Ok so the green one is adorable as well. Let me have 2 of them also. Thanks

Dani said...

I want two pinks and two browns in small and large (would that fit a five year old or would medium be better? I also want six brown bows. Thanks so much!

Amber Baker said...

K'brina, I think they are so so cute! I love the one's Star picked out. I also wanted to see if you ever come across any navy/red/white stuff let me know. The girls wear uniforms every day and they need hair stuff. Their Christmas dresses are a deep purple with gold--so you have anything that would match? email me at!