Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend fun

This weekend we didn't have to do anything. It was kind of nice to just kick back and enjoy! Ryan was watching the food network about grilling a couple of weeks ago and he has become obsessed with figuring out the "perfect rib recipe". Our neighbor down the steet has a briquette grill. The way it smells when the briquettes are lit, is summer to a t! We went to Richfield and bought one, bought some ribs, and tried it out. It was so good. I don't know why anyone would want to be a vegitarian when there is such a thing as baby back ribs?? We also bought some brawtworst. I have never been a hot dog fan, but these are YUMMY!! The smell of the grill smoke and the brawts cooking is so good!! We bought artichokes to go with them. I wasn't sure that the girls would like them, but they loved them. I am so lucky, my girls are such good eaters and will try just about anything.

We were out in the garage cooking (because the wind was blowing) and Aniston was riding her bike. She still wouldn't ride her big new bike without training wheels. We talked her into trying it one time. We promised that we would be right next to her. Next thing I know she is out in the road riding all by her self. I was so excited and she loves it. Now we can't get her off of her bike. She rides it first thing in the morning until late at night!! That is what summer is all about!


jbbastian said...

Yeahhhh for Anniston! It's so fun to watch your kids when they learn to ride by themselves because they are so proud and happy.....but at the same time it means she's growing up! It's crazy that now we're the responsible moms!

Britania said...

So cute, tell Aniston that her aunt Tanya can't wait to go bike riding with her, she is such a big girl. Will you come down and BBQ me some ribs, I'm hungry ;)