Monday, April 21, 2008

The park, snickers, and stuff

Last Friday, after checking my blog, I saw that an old friend had left me a comment. So I called her and we talked and It was really great to talk to her. I now, am officially in love with this blogging thing. I have been albe to get in touch with old friends and I love it!!

I decided to take the kids to the park because the weather was decent. Last fall when we went to the park, Emerson loved the swings. So I put her in the swings and she cried in her I am scared to death sounding cry. So then we tried the slide, she did the same thing. She just wanted to sit at the bottom and try to climb up the slide herself. She is a very funny and very independent child. Aniston has finally mastered the monkey bars, which she was very proud of.

We are tending my moms dog, Snickers. The girls love her to pieces, but I am not sure that she loves them that much. They love to kiss her(or have her lick their face). It grosses their dad out. Emerson kept laying under the kitchen table with snickers and everytime I tried to get a picture they would run away. So I caught a few of them kissing each other. Emerson is all puckered up in her picture. She would kiss that dog all day, but if you ask her for a kiss she covers her mouth and will not give them up. Silly girl.


Johnsonsblog said...

That is so cute of the girls kissing snickers. Breanna just loves the little dogs too. She mals Lee Ann's little shitzu when ever we are over at their house. And I agree that this whole blogging world is awesome.

Jeff and Lindsey said...

Snickers is a really cute doggie. Is she still really spoiled? I think its cute your girls love her, since I'm such a dog fan myself.

Shadoe said...

My girls are loving that your girls are kissing this cute dog. I love your photographs. Hey I saw janell on your blog. Tell her hi and i want to see her blog but it's private-I want to be invited. Let her know, please!! Thanks