Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A month of thanks...

I love November, and not just because my birthday is this month!
I love the season change.
I love wearing sweaters. I love making soup and bread on cloudy days.
I love Thanksgiving.
I love that Christmas is just around the corner.

It seems that everyday I feel a moment of gratitude for something. I have a lot to be thankful for! Sometimes its easy to get caught up in everyday things and the little things that I am thankful for become lost in the madness.
For the next month I am going to share one thing a day for which I am grateful for.

But 1st a little halloween overview...

AWWW... He melts my heart!!

My little frog...

Not really sure Easton liked trick or treating as much as the girls did...

Taylor Swift, A cute little frog, and a fairy!

Even though she has only eaten candy since last Thursday.
She still is THE cutest thing ever!!
Today I am thankful that Halloween is over;)


Meesh said...

I'm thankful Halloween is over too and I don't even have little kids anymore!!?? They were adorable. Wow Aniston has her mother's creative juices doesn't she?:) Love and miss you guys!! Have a HAPPY HOLIDAY. I can't believe I am saying that already where has the year gone:)

Carly said...

Your so right... we do get caught up and forget about what we should be thankful for. your little ones are so cute.