Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am going to neglect my blog for this week.

I have 26 yards of fabric that need to be made into 24 aprons by Friday night,

I have a zillion photos to edit, for work and ones that I have taken,

and I have a messy house and a husband that wants to tear my bathroom apart.

Somethings got to give, right??

So blog it is you. I'll be back next week with 10 things, photos of Xander and his mommy, and hopfully a Easter project...


Meesh said...

I don't think that you allowed to do that are you??!!????? Good luck on all those projects. Loved hearing from you. Aunt MiShele

Stephanie said...

SOunds like you have your hands full. Tell Brittania congrats! That is so exciteing and he is adorable!