Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I am...

I excited to meet (and take pictures of) my new nephew.

I house to be finished!

I HAVE...always loved making things.

I KEEP...old magazines for way too long.

I WISH I COULD...keep my girls this age FOREVER!

I HATE...negative people.

I FEAR...loosing someone I love.

I HEAR...Dora on T.V.

I DON'T THINK...I could live without my girls.

I REGRET...not finishing college.

I husband more than words can say!!

I AM NOT...organized, and have come to the conculsion that I may never be.

I DANCE...while I make dinner every night.

I SING...loud in my car, sometimes with my sunglasses as my microphone just to see my kiddies smile.

I NEVER...go a day without talking to my mom and my sis.

I RARELY...go anywhere without my husband and my girls.

I CRY WHEN I WATCH...the Biggest Loser.

I AM NOT ALWAYS...on time, but I've delt with it. (now if Ryan only would)

I HATE THAT...I can't get everything done I want to in a day.

I'M CONFUSED ABOUT...politics.

I NEED...a mini-vacay =)

I organizing a closet.

Just wanted to share some things about me. Try it. Write down the 1st thing that comes to your mind. We all want to know things about each other... that's why we blog stalk, right??


Lauren said...

"I DANCE...while I make dinner every night."

I do that too!

K'Brina said...

See Lauren...
I knew we would be good friends ;)