Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I want to do this...

I really, really want to re-do the girls' room. And I really want to do this to their walls.
My dilemma is that their dad is a beige person. He really wants to paint their room tan.
Now the good thing is when we moved in I painted the room green. So half of the work is already done.

Girls need their rooms to be cute and PINK, right?
Does everyone agree with me?
Let me know what you think.
I am going to have him read the comments, so make them good.


zack and kara said...

i totally agree a girl needs to have a pink room. zack and i painted Eladee's room pink and brown and i just love it. When we first painted it i just sat in there and look at the walls. and i know eladee isn't old enough to like the colors, but aniston and emerson are. and if they had a cute pink room they would love it and they would want to show it of to all their friends. i took alot of talking to get zack to agree with the pink, but i love and when eladee is bigger she will too.

Rochelle said...

I so agree! I am totally a beige person, but Jordan complained about her room long enough that I gave in and honestly it is my favorite room in the house.(You can check it out on our blog it is May 2008)Also before I forget, Jordan LOVED her hat. She wore it to the Girls Basketball game that night & got tons of comments on how cute it is. Thanks so much!

Misty said...

DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! Of course your girls need a PINK room & that pink room is dang adorable.

mshaw said...

ok i have to tell you that when you said pink i sort of cringed! I love to see pink walls but when i came time to paint Bryar's walls pink I just couldn't do it! So I painted them Aqua and I'm decorating with Pink...But then I looked at the picture! It is soooo cute! Do it!