Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ten things I love on Tuesday

I am going to do something new. All week I think of things that I love. I decided on Tuesday I am going to share ten of them.

1. I love, love, love the Fray. Their new album came out today and I want it!!

Go ahead, push play, listen, they are awesome. (but push pause on the player below)

2. I Love Guitar Hero. Right before Christmas we watched a kid playing Guitar Hero in Walmart and I said "well that doesn't look very fun. I WAS WRONG...It is so fun.

and I ROCKED!!

3. I love the Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights. I seriously bawl like a baby during about half of the show.
I think that it is so inspirational. I just love it. I wish I had a Jullian Michaels at my house and then maybe this lazy body would exercise ;)

4. I love that I am albe to do something crafty every single day. It makes me feel so happy and so proud of myself when I am finished. (this week is all about the little girl aprons and Valentines gifts for grandparents)

5. I love comments on my blog. I admit it makes me very happy when I see new comments. I love to see who is reading and I love to check out everyone elses blog. I admit I am a blog stalker!!

6. I love that when my kids do something cute (which happens ALOT), my husband looks up at me, smiles, and winks at me. It almost makes me cry every single time he does it.

I just love him, fish and all!

7. I love this photography Website.
Her photographs are so fresh and fun feeling and She is from UTAH! LOVE IT! Check her out!!

8. I love that Valentines Day is almost here. I love making sugar cookies with the kids and writing on little Valentines. I just love having little girls to share cute little holidays with.

9. I really, really love this little girl. Everyday she is growing up so fast. She really isn't my little baby anymore. I love it that when she wants my attention she says "mom, mom, mom" and with her little hands she grabs my face, until I am only looking at her and our noses are touching.

But oh...my... gosh... I just LOVE her.

10. And I love this big girl. She is so sweet. I love it when she beats me at Mario cart she does a little victory dance. I also love that she still loves it when I match her clothes with Emersons. I really, really, really, love her so much!!


Ashley said...

I feel the same way about Rock Band. I thought it looked totally lame, but after I played it, I was hooked! Is it pathetic that I get booed off the stage when it's my turn to sing the vocals? :(

Lindsey said...

I love what you do with your blog! Your so busy and talented all the time. I wish I had the time to be that way.

Travis and Cristan said...

Seriously could you have any more talents?!! You inspire me. So, I reeally am seroius about hireing you to take some Family pic's in the spring. Let me know if you do that. Your pictures are amazing! It dosen't hurt that your girls are absolutly georgeous:)!!

Kim said...

I love your list! I just want you to know that I love reading your blog. You write so many things that touch my heart and make me remember the important things in life. I love your blog!

Ashley said...

Your girls are seriously so cute! I love reading your blog too and yes, I am a blogstalker also. Oh well, gives us something to do right!?!?! :)

Trinia said...

I love this idea! I also love readind your blog.You are very creative.