Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Up to speed

Thanksgiving has came and gone and now it is time to get ready for Christmas. Although it doesn't really feel like the Christmas season, I am still getting excited. The 50 degree warm weather that we are having has thrown me off a bit.
Thanksgiving was great. I tried a new roll recipe. My mom says you never do that on a day when you actually need them, but they turned out beautiful and I am giving all the credit to the apron. (see the pic) I made this apron and I LOVE IT! How can you not be happy to be cooking when you are wearing this. It is so cute and it has a pink ruffle on the bottom and It made me smile while I was up at 6:00 cooking. Dinner was fantastic, the company was great, and all of our bellies were full!
On Friday, my mom and I decided to hit Walmarts "day after Thanksgiving sale". I..N..S..A..N..E!!! We got up at 4:00 in the morning and went to Richfield. I had had a late night, so I was SOOOO tired. We got there and the line was so long. We got in, split up and started shopping. Things were not where they should be and there was so many people. Did I get what I wanted. NO!! I was super disappointed! I won't be doing that again and to make matters worse I went to Walmart on Sunday and everything that I got was still there and still the same price. WHAT THE CRAP!!!
When I got home and after my nap we started getting out our Christmas stuff. The girls were ecstatic. It really is so exciting, it still makes me feel a little tickle in my belly when we start getting ready for Christmas.
On Saturday I sewed all day getting some things ready for the Downtown Main Street Fair, thingy. I made some aprons and took my flowers and hats down. It really was a good Idea, it just needed a little more, well, more!! I did pretty well. Ryan brought the girls down to sit on Santa's lap. I didn't really expect Emerson to sit on Santa's lap, but I was hoping. She instantly started crying and almost fell down trying to get off and climb up the front of me. (she is hilarious)
Afterwards, Ryan and I went on a date. Not really the date that he was hoping for, I am sure, but one I was. We went to Gunnison to see Twilight. It was interesting. The 1st 20 minutes I was a little bugged, but by the end I loved it. (and I think that Ryan enjoyed it too, although he probably won't admit it).

Aniston has had this loose tooth for the last week. Not loose enough to pull, but Saturday night it was all but hanging out. Ryan pulled it out with his pliers. Yuck!! Ohhhh... It was the top front one and I hadn't got our family pic taken yet. So, on with the story, she is soo excited about the tooth fairy coming. She immediately wants to go to bed. Well, the "tooth fairy" goes in, leaves the money, thinks that he gets seen. 10 minutes later, Aniston is in my room. She says the tooth fairy came. "Seriously, she saw him!!" I tell her to go back to bed. First thing in the morning she comes in and wants to talk about it. We are getting ready and she tells me that she thinks that the tooth fairy is dad. Ohhh... how am I going to smooth this over. We had just watched The Santa Clause 3 and the tooth fairy was a guy. So I am like, it was probably the guy tooth fairy and dad never left the bed.
On the way to Richfield she continues talking about it. I said remember in that movie the tooth fairy was a dentist. "Oh, right" she says. "He is a tooth fairy slash dentist." I looked at Ryan and then at her. Where did you learn what slash means, I ask her. "I don't know, she replies, I just know." So needless to say, the "tooth fairy" is fired and I think that the crisis was adverted. And then to add to the tooth fairy drama, the tooth next to the lost one is loose and hanging and has to come out. So on Sunday, Ryan uses his pliers again and the other front tooth comes out. I keep looking at my toothless girl. She doesn't look the same to me. Still cute, but older!!
So here we are, up to speed. The weeks are only going to get crazier and busier with all the holiday activities. I am just hoping to set back and enjoy them....

HA...HA... that is funny. I am going to be super crazy and super busy, but I do have to admit that I love it!!
Oh, and I got myself a new job. I am going to be editing pictures for Burns' website. I am super excited about it. Getting paid to do something I love and get to learn new things in the process. I am excited!!


zack and kara said...

shara and i tried the black friday shopping also and it was insane. i keep telling myself that i will never do it again. lol aniston looks so cute with her teeth missing. i can't believe she is to the age that she is loosing teeth. I love that she is so grown up.

Tweeb and Danyette said...

You are so darn crafty.. I absolutely love the apron

Johnsonsblog said...

That sucks about Walmart it was the same here. It was worth the $2 movies though! I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving.

Dawn Rae said...

I feel bad about not going to the Salina main street thing and not seeing you and your cute girls. I didn't realize it was such a big thing and Lexi was sick. Maybe I'll run into you sometime.

Spacey Stacy said...

I am interested in purchasing some of your flower clips. Please contact me mallorystacy @