Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm missing the good stuff!

Last year for christmas, my husband bought me a new camcorder. I think it was a totally selfish gift. I say that because last year at this time I was in the hospital with pneumonia. He had to take Aniston to her singing program and he had to use my dinosaur of a camcorder. The battery died on him and he was stressed out. So my christmas surprise was a new camcorder. I love it and I never use it. WTH!! I am missing the good stuff. Emerson is hilarious right now. The things she comes up with and the cute little faces that she pulls. I need to get that camcorder out and video this stuff before she stops doing all of this funny stuff. I am setting a new goal for myself. Video the kids doing something every day!!

My mom, sister and I went christmas shopping on Saturday. We had a great time. We laughted the entire time. We watched some guy in a mini van pick his nose for like 60 seconds. They tried to give me driving tips the ENTIRE day. My mom gave me a hard time about my obsession with dressing the girls alike. We called our poor little babysitter girl too many times. And we laughed the entire day! I love spending the day with them!! And I got my hunny's christmas presents. He is going to be so surprised. OHHH I am getting excited.
Check out the counter. Not much time left. ---------------------------------->
Where the heck is the snow??????

I need to get my projects finished. I went to Joann's fabric store and bought 16 yards of fabric. AAAAHHHHH. I need to get busy!

Is everyone ready for christmas??? Anyone have projects that aren't finished, like me?

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