Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This is the time of year where family traditions are so prevelant. I love traditions. Traditions makes you the person that you are. I think that they influence you way into your adult life.
When I was little we had the best christmas traditions. We celebrated christmas eve (which I think is the best day because of the anticipation) with my Grandma Verna. My mom used to work and we would stay at my grandmas all day and help her prepare. My grandpa would get out his old records. Yeah, the big black records! He would get out the record player and we would listen to the old christmas music ALL DAY LONG!! To this day the old christmas music is my favorite. We would help my grandma cook and decorate for the party all day!! My mom would come and get us and we would go home and have a bath and get to open our one present. Of course, it was our p.j.'s and most of the time they were made by my mom and grandma! Awesome if you ask me!! I would remember waiting for my dad to get home from the farm. It was the longest 30 mintues of our lives. We wanted to go to grandmas, because Santa always came and always had a present for us! Dinner was always the same. Honey glazed ham, funeral potatoes, bunt bread, and the best danish dessert red salad! It was even better because my grandma Dalla got to be there with us. It was perfect. We were so lucky! Everyone we loved TOGETHER!! OOHHH, How I wish it was that easy now!
Chistmas morning was just as perfect! We had a rule. 7:00 was when we could get up. My sister and I made phone calls to both grandparents telling them that Santa had been there and that we were waiting for them. My grandpa would pick up grandma Dalla and they would be right down. We couldn't go out into the living room until our grandparents were there. My grandma Dalla would make cinnamon rolls and we would have them with hot chocolate every year. We then had dinner at my grandma Dallas house. All of our cousins were there and there was cream cheese pie!!
It was perfect, everything was right, just as it should be on christmas day!!
BOY, how things can change!! I get a little sad when I think about how traditions have to change when you all grow up!
It's hard to have traditions when you have so many different families. Ryan and I tried to have christmas eve dinner and it was a tradition for a few years, but as everyone grows and gets families of their own it just gets too impossible.
I always thought that I would get to spend the holidays with my sister.

The year that Jax was born we did get to. It was the best!! Freddie asked Britania to marry him at my house on christmas morning.

Last year I was sick at christmas time and we decided to do things a little different. We decorated our christmas tree on Christmas eve and then had my grandparents over for dinner. Ryan made his famous prime rib, we didn't have to run out and go anywhere, we opened our jammies and we went to bed early!

Christmas day still involved some running around, but we did get to spend more time at home and that is the tradition that I want to always have! Time together at home!


Shadoe said...

I know this is crazy, but reading that almost made me cry. I totally remember meeting at Grandma Dallas. I loved it back then. I LOVE traditions and I am trying to set my own and it is hard. I love ya!! Thanks for the awesome posts!!!!

Bree said...

I agree...traditions are the best! I am so lucky to have my sisters so close, so I feel for you guys not always being together:(

Britania said...

That just made me cry, I am slightly emotional anyways, but I loved that, why is it so hard to start new traditions. I guess we are all a little selfish. At least we have our traditional shopping trip, that is always fun.