Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yard Sale

I am getting ready for the yard sale that we are having to raise money for my uncle. I, 1st of all, HATE cleaning out my basement. 2nd of all, where does all of the stuff come from?? We moved 2 1/2 years ago and got rid of sooo much stuff, and here were are with that much more.

Anyone who lives around my area, you can still donate stuff. We are having the Yard sale this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Dig in you stuff and donate the stuff you don't need. Call me and I can come and pick it up or you can drop it off to me.
We are also going to sell Navajo Tacos on saturday. Come and have lunch.
My friends at Barretts are donating a lot of the items for the tacos. They are awesome. Shop at Barretts!! Thanks guys, you are the best =)

And one more thing, I have to say congrats to my sister. She is having a baby girl;)
(okay we don't know what it is yet, but it we say it is a girl so many times, then maybe it will be) I love ya sis and I am so excited for you guys!!


Shadoe said...

OKAY those pictures in your post a few days ago are so cute. PLease share your talent. You need to get on two peas and do a seminar.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the advertisement! You are a sweetie! We love you!

Autumn said...

Your pictures are incredible, you are so talented! Good luck with the yard sale.