Friday, September 12, 2008

We are up to our "ears" in corn

So I had all of this corn that I had asked my my mother-in-law for. She had taught me how to freeze it last year and wanted to do it again because
1st of all it is so much better than the canned stuff at the store.
2nd of all because it is not full of preservatives.
3rd of all it is free =)

It really is a yucky job. I HATE to shuck it all, mostly becuse of the bugs that are always present... But is doesn't do itself so...
I told the kids we would go outside to play. They would play, I would shuck.

I went inside to start boiling the water and come out to find all the kids willing to help me. Yeah for me!! They were so funny the whole entire time. A hair would get on them and they would squeal and just around. They were all being "so tough" by pulling the husks off. We sat out there for an hour and they all helped, even my baby.
(the pic below, Aniston's corn just flew out of her hands as she tried to pull of the husk)

And then the work really began. I was a corn boilin' fool. I had 2 pots going at once. I was blanching, cutting, and bagging just as fast as I could. My kitchen was full of corn. Every direction that I turned there was corn. But at 10:30 last night when I was finished and the kitchen was cleaned, it was worth it. I bagged 36 bags of corn for my family to eat all winter. It really is a great feeling to accomplish such a big job...


Iverson Family est. 2006 said...

You're Anyway I think that would be a great idea to make aprons. I would totally buy one. I love them too. Thanks for wanting to help. What a wonderful family they are.

Stephanie said...

Wow...look at you go! I found myself learning to can last year. I felt so domesticated! And that corn is the BEST!