Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our trip (and a picture overload)

Finally here are some of my pictures that I have been dying to take. Our trip was so fun. The girls had a ball. On saturday we fished for our dinner and that was Aniston's favorite part. Ryan got a chance to catch a few big fish. I think the one in the picture was 24 lbs. The girls were scared to death of this giant fish. I just love going up there. It is such a neat place and it is in our "back yard".

Every night these deer would come down almost right into our camp. The girls were amazed and the one night after it had rained, the deer sat there in front of us for about an hour. The girls were trying to sneek up on them. Yeah... it didn't go so well and they scared them off. Aniston wanted to chase them. She is so funny sometimes.
Daddy and Emerson sharing smores. She was a sticky mess before she was done with that smore.

We walked down to the Lodge to get the bridge pictures and on the way this beautiful butterfly was sort of following us. Aniston wanted me to take a picture of it. It sat there so perfectly for the pic and then flew away when I was done.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy 4th of July!!


Iverson Family est. 2006 said...

Thank you for telling me Im normal. I love being a mom but adjusting to being home is hard. I love taking pics too and I really need a computer. I know that this was just a funk Im in and its getting better. by the way your girls are too dang cute

Dani said...

so cute as usual. I love the pictures on the little bridge.

Britania said...

I love the pics, all of them, they are so cute expecially the bridge ones I think its perfect. You really are a great photographer.

Britania said...

I love the songs, this is what we were waiting for not techno wierdo...hahaha.

Janell said...

Porter is amazed with the fish Ryan caught. He says it's HUUUGE!

Britania said...

I really like the one of the lake and the clouds that looks really cool.