Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I love the 4th

This is one of my favorite holidays. The 4th is such an exciting day in the big town of Salina. I just absoulutly love it. I came into town on Friday and there was such a nogastalgic feel. It felt exactly like the 4th. The lines down state street and main street were freshly painted. It made the streets look clean and bright, inviting all the visitors into our town. The potted plants all down main street were adorned with small USA flags. Every yard in town looks more kept and more green than normal. The trees along the upper part of main street always get trimmed down to nothing in the fall and by the 4th of July they are big and green and ready to shade the parade watchers from the hot July sun. Barretts parking lot is filled with fireworks stand and there is always a line of people there. The town bustles with more traffic and more people during this week. Not to mention all of the old friends that you get to see at the park. Everyone loves to come home for this special holiday. I just love it. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Small town living is really all its cracked up to be.

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