Thursday, July 17, 2008

I have been a blog slacker

I haven't had a mintue to myself to even blog this past week and a half. Emerson is feeling a little better, but she is attached at my hip. It is really hard to do dishes and laundry and blog, while holding a 23 month old.
Aniston started swimming lessons and she may just be the only 12 year old that is still in the level 2 class. I don't really care, since I am not crazy about the water, why would my kids be? She likes lessons though and she is getting better and a little braver. I am getting ready for birthday parties. A friend party, which has a bike theme, and a family party. I have big plans for both, but because I am a big procrastinator, I am sure they won't be as perfect as I have visioned.
We have been trying to get Aniston to ride her bike without training wheels and Ryan and I both have not been albe to accomplish this task. My mom (who by the way is the best mom ever) came and picked up the bike and Aniston. They had a sleep over and practiced bike riding. Lone and behold, she came home the next morning riding her bike. My mom said that Aniston told her that she was the best grandma ever and that she wanted my mom to teach her kids how to ride their bikes too. (AAAAHHHH... how sweet. It brought tears to my eyes) Thanks mom!! You are the best I love ya!!
Now see this would be the point that there would be a picture of her riding her bike, but my camera is broken, I guess. It won't turn on and I am freaking out just a little. I don't have a back-up and her birthday is tomorrow!

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