Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taylor Swift is AWESOME!!!

I have said this before, "I think that Taylor Swift is so cute"

and now I don't just think


Grandma Tracy and Aniston

(check out Anistons' Cheezer...she was so excited)

We got there super early, just so us country folks wouldn't have to fight the rush hour traffic...

After Aniston picked out her t-shirt, we saw this bus.
Here we are waiting for Glorianna to start.

She came out very 1st of all wearing a band uniform and singing "You belong with me"
She changed her clothes a million times, changed microphones from red sparkly, to white sparkly, to black sparkly. (which Aniston totally loved)

"Love Story" was the best. She was dressed in a big dress and standing on top of a castle.

She was SOOOOOOO cute.

She talked through the whole thing, moved all over the stage, and even ended up in the audience. I just love her.

We had such a great time. I hope that Aniston never forgets that we went together, because I know that I never will. Thanks mom for coming with us!!


Johnsonsblog said...

I love love love Taylor Swift. That is so cool that you took Aniston to that she will never forget it:)

Brasher family said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! You're such a cute mom!

I am coming to Utah tonight!! I will be there for Jantzen's graduation. Then back up in SLC for my hubby's brother's wedding. I will be back in Salina on Monday though. Maybe we could figure out a time and I could take your family pics? If it's not too crazy busy.

I wish Eric was staying longer. I'd love you to do our family pics!

Ashley said...

I am so jealous! It looks like it was a great concert. Aniston looks so stinkin' cute! She looks so happy!

Brenna said...

How Fun!!! I bet Aniston will remember that forever.

I bet that the concert was really good!

Misty said...

You are such an awesome mom. I want to take my girls to a concert someday because we all LOVE music. We love dancing to music & singing our little hearts out while listening to it. WHo doesn't? What a fun memory!!

Travis and Cristan said...

LOVE IT!!!!!


Seriously I am freakin out because I wish Mal and I could have gone-we are huge fans! You are such a COOL mom!-I want to be like you!

Dawn Rae said...

I am sure she will remember that! I love her songs too, especially her new one and love story.

Autumn said...

Lucky dog!! That looks like it was so much fun. That is something that Aniston will remember forever. Your pictures are amazing, maybe one day I can get you to take some for us? Let me know!

The Dirt & Rock Crew said...

Hey my friend Jill from Richfield went to the Taylor Swift Concert she was on the 7th row on the floor she took her little girl. They said it was awesome and loved all her clothes. Your blog is always so cute I have to check it out all the time!