Tuesday, July 20, 2010


July has been a blast.
And exhausting at the same time.
Here is some of the reasons why...
The girls got to go to the mini cheerleading camp this summer. They were thrilled. Emerson walked through my house for days saying "Wolves, put your hands up, hands up."

Daddy and Easton watching the girls cheer in Aurora.

After watching the girls we had a family BBQ with a ton of yummy food and great company!

Ryan slept out with the kids (what a good sport) so that they could hear the bombs at 6 a.m. I think that Easton and I are the only ones who heard them... everyone else was zonked!

The 4th, or I should say the 3rd, was fun-filled!!

I love the 4th. It's one of my favorite holidays. The kids had a great time and Easton was such a good boy all day, despite being dragged from one hot place to another.

The only game that we like to play is the game where we get the goldfish.

Our poor fish didn't make it through the day...sad:(

The girls rode in the parade with the Cheerleaders...

They were so excited and their mommy thought that they were pretty cute up there!!

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