Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My baby...

Last night we were getting ready for bed and this is how it went down...

Me: What jammies do you want?
How about this princess nightgown?

Emerson: Babies don't wear nightgowns!

Me: But your not a baby, your a big girl.

Emerson: NO! Me a baby, me your baby!

Me: I thought you were my big girl?

(during which she crawls off her bed and is now laying in my lap on the floor)

Emerson: NO! Me want to be your baby until baby brother comes.

Then me will be your big girl!

Me: Ohhhh!!!

Me to myself: This is going to be interesting...

as excited as she is about the baby,

I am afraid that jealously is lurking on our horizon...

As crazy as life seems at times...

at the end of the day,

these two make everything worth while!!


Dawn Rae said...

Cute pic!

Brasher family said...

Ahh... She wants to be the baby. How cute. I know Ava would have raging jealousy issues if we ever had another baby. I am sure she'll adjust just fine when the baby comes.

I love this picture of you and your girls!! It's darling!

Meesh said...

And they always will no matter what!!! So cute, all of you. Can't wait to see baby brother.
Luv ya,
Aunt MiShele