Monday, February 22, 2010

I am one of "those" people.

I am one of those dog people.

You know, the ones who take their little dogs everywhere.
The ones that buy silly little outfits for them. (just kidding, I haven't done this)
The ones that let them sleep with them. (just kidding, she doesn't sleep with us either)
But I did have to take her to the vet and I spent $45.00 on an office visit and antibiotics.
I don't spend that much when I take my girls to the doctor!
It's silly what a cute little doggie will do to you!


Lindsey said...

Oh she's adorable. I'm so glad you guys love her.

mary said...

She sure is a cutie. And you look fantastic for 31 weeks, myself I looked like the goodyear blimp :) But that was many many many years ago :)