Thursday, May 20, 2010

My thoughts on...

I am so glad that we only have 4 more days of school. I know that I won't be saying this come the middle of July, but I am excited that we will not have crazy mornings for a while. No where to go and nothing to do if we choose.

I have big plans for the summer. I always do. Last year I had the same plans, but I was too busy and the days just flew by. This year I have a schedule. Wait, didn't I just say that I was glad that we had nothing important to do...
I am crazy like that!
We are going to go walking or riding our bikes every morning. I have enlisted my friend to go with us so that I make sure that I have someone to answer to if I feel the need to be lazy;)

Then we are going to come home and get our chores done.
Gotta have a clean house!

Everyday I have an afternoon activity planned. Nothing too serious. We will be going to the library, the swimming pool, story time at the park,
and picnics with Grandma Verna
(per Emersons request).

I have a goal that we are going to check out and read together all the American Girl books.I loved these books when I was in Elementary school.

I am planning on spending 30 mintues to an hour everyday working on the alphabet with Emerson and math with Aniston.
Wow, writing all of that down makes summer sound like it is going to be a job. I hope that it doesn't turn out that way.


We have been remodeling for years now. The inside is so close to done that it isn't funny. I have started decorating and really want to get this house in order. I am going to take a room at a time and fully decorate it.

I really want to get the kids rooms done as well.

I have some ideas...for the girls rooms I am thinking hot pink, pink, and black.

It will be a little older for them and is just so cute together.

I like the idea of these two rooms.

I am not going to attempt the stripes!

And I am thinking a little less zebra print;)

And the baby is getting this mural on his wall. It will cover one entire wall. The rest of his room will be decorated in baseball stuff. I can't decide if I want to do a vintage baseball theme or not.

But in order to do either of these two projects I first need to clean out my sewing/computer/craft/storage for photography props/ room!

And I don't even know where to start. It is a MESS!! I am super embarrassed about it. I would show you a picture, but my husband might die from horror.
Let's just say that you can only see a small portion of the floor, my desk is covered with papers, reciepts, and garbage, and there is crap stacked in every possible place.
Next weeks goal.



I am looking for new props and new locations.

If you know of anyone who knows how to crochet...

I want one of these

and one of these blankets

I found where I can buy them on the internet,

but if anyone out there makes them. I would love to buy them from you instead!

Starting June 1st I will be back from maternity leave.

Call me and lets schedule an appointment.

I am excited to start shooting again.


3-G The Poet said...

Great blog you have here, if you’re interested here is the link to my blog of poetry.

Or my facebook page

Hoping you have a wonderful week filled with inspiration and laughter,

Ashley said...

I love the pink & black bedroom. Your girls will love it! Oh, and I didn't realize you guys were Red Sox fans. I thought for sure you'd be all about the Yankees.

You better post pictures of your progress. I love to see before and after pics.

Dawn Rae said...

Wow, sounds like a great plan. I have been wanting to tell you about my friend's website. Check out, she has some awesome poses that I am sure would give you some inspiration.

Dustin and Matasha said...

Fewww...You are so ambitious! It wears me out just reading all the things you have planned...I will just read your posts for inspiration to get stuff done! ha ha. I love they ideas for the kids' rooms. How fun!!!

And thank you for the advice on controlling my morning sickness!;) Any advice I get, I try! Peppermint is one I haven't attempted, but I will very soon...;)

Thanks again!

Tweeb and Danyette said...

Okay, we are on the exact same page. I just got done having this EXACT conversation with Misty about an hour ago. I too am going to put us on a!

We will be in Utah on the 30th of June and I would love to get some pictures done. What days are you going to be gone?

joven said...

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