Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day...

I don't have one picture from Mothers Day this year.
I should have...
I brought my camera, but it never made it out of the car.
I spent the morning with my sweet little family.
Ryan made us pancakes and eggs.
We sat around the bar and ate together.
We made pies for dinner.
And we got ready to go to dinner at my moms.
I spent the afternoon with my favorite moms.
My grandma, my mom, and my sister.
I sat in the sun and watched all the kids giggle, run, and squeal with delight
because we were able to be outside.
I held my sweet little baby dolly,
and kissed his soft little skin,
and thought to myself that
"this is the life!"
I have it all...
everything that I have ever wanted
and for this I am truly thankful!

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Your Savvy Psychic said...

Lovely pics, beautiful. Thanks.