Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year

I HATE the days that follow Christmas.

The excitement, the fun, the cheer, the feeling, its all OVER! All you are left with is a huge mess, kids pent-up and bored, and cold weather!
I hate taking down all the Christmas decorations, too. It leaves me feeling sad and blue.

But today I have to do it, I have to take down my trees, I have to un-Christmas my house. Which leaves my house feeling as gloomy as outside feels all of January.

Under great protest, I am doing it, TODAY!

2009 was a great year for us. I think that we grow as a family through trials and tribulations. I think that having things happen to you, the good and the bad, makes you become a stronger family. And I think that my family only grows stronger everyday!

This is an overview of last year...
We went Ice fishing. My Blog celebrated its 1st birthday.


I really started taking more picutres and learning about my new camera and FALLING in love with photography. I started my "Ten things I love on Tuesday" which I loved doing and that only lasted a couple of months...which I also think that I am going to start doing again!


My sister had her 3rd baby boy. I was there to witness the miracle. I loved it!

I took my first newborn shoot (of my sis and her baby), in which I credit as the start of my Photography business.


April we finished some HUGE projects in our house. We cut down a huge tree in our backyard that ended up taking us forever to get rid of.

I had my 1st "official" photography job.

My mom, Aniston, and I went to see Taylor Swift in concert. It was unforgettable.

I had 2 more photography jobs and was LOVING my new venture.

On to June...

We fished a lot this month. We enjoyed being outside and together.


Aniston celebrated her 7th birthday (sniffle...sniffle). We rode in the parade. We fished.

Ryan and I went to the George Strait Concert for our anniversary. I did several photography shoots this month and learned a lot about it.


Ryans youngest brother got married (in which I shot the whole wedding)We camped every single weekend.
Aniston started 2nd grade.

Emerson turned 3.
And we found out that we were going to welcome a new member to our family.


We went to Lake Powell and had a fantastic time.

October was a month of survival. I didn't feel well, but we survived!


I turned 30 (yuck).

And we found out that our new baby was in fact a brother, just like the girls had said all along.


We celebrated Christmas with Santa leaving us a cute, furry little present.

Last year was fantastic and now on to the New Year.

I am really not one make huge New Years Resoultions. Last year my resoultion was to never leave dishes in my sink. (Lame, right?) But it really has been the only resoultion that I have been able to keep. This year I have 3 things that I want to do.

1. Manage my time better.

2. Keep up my Laundry!

3. Run the 5k that I trained for last year.

Easy enough, right?

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