Monday, December 21, 2009

Our "REAL" Christmas Tree

Our upstairs family room is "almost" completed, and as I was decorating our house for Christmas the upstairs family room felt sad. Sad, because it didn't have a Christmas Tree in it. So, I decided that we were going to get a tree for the sad family room. I really wanted a real one, but didn't want it to be bare and ugly.

I got an ad in the mail and Home Depot was selling real Christmas trees. We went to Richfield and picked us out a beautiful tree. We got it home, decorated it, and it smelt heavenly. Now I know why all you people like real trees.
The girls were so excited.

"We have never had a real tree before," said Aniston.
Exactly one week later it was dead! I mean, dead, like needles falling off, I was afraid of turning on the lights, dead.
We called Home Depot and they said bring it back. I un-decorated the tree and we took the dead, sad tree back to Richfield, and got a new one. We put it up again, and decorated it again.
Which was good because I didn't get any pictures of us decorating it before. So after all the fun with the "real tree". I think I am going to buy an artificial one after Christmas for the upstairs family room.
And half way though the decorating, this one was done. She was on the floor rolling around and being her silly self.

Boy, do I love these girls, and the Christmas season, and spending time decorating, un-decorating, and re-decorating Christmas trees with my family!


Shadoe said...
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Shadoe said...

Sorry I was looking under Shadoe's sign in.

Meesh said...

I did that one year too but I wasn't smart enough to call and get it replaced. It just sat there dead and I didn't dare turn the lights on either. Now I have artificial trees needless to say. Have a Merry Christmas. You look awesome!
Luv you all,
Aunt MiShele
Sorry about the other posts.:(