Tuesday, December 8, 2009

21 Weeks...

Here we are at 21 weeks. I feel so good. I have so much energy during the day, but come 9:30 I am ready for bed. I can eat again and I want to! Christmas is the perfect time to "have to" gain weight. We are constantly eating YUMMY treats and snacks. I love it!

I have been feeling the baby move around a lot and I love it. I sort of feel selfish because I get to feel him all day and his daddy doesn't. The other night he was kicking pretty hard and Ryan did get to feel him and I think that he loves it too. I think that it is funny that you forget something so small as feeling the babies move and kick. It is an amazing feeling. I could just set there for hours and feel him move!
The girls are so cute and are so excited for their new little brother!
We haven't thought of any names yet. I have to see them before I can decide for sure.

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Rademacher's said...

I have to second the baby kicking and moving feeling.. I have started to feel our baby boy last Wed and now it's more often.. I absolutely love it.. I think I will be in for it when I feel it more.. He is always so active in the ultra sounds. Not sure what to expect.. I love your pics.. It reminds me to do my 20 week pic..
Merry Christmas!!