Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Week 15...

This week the baby is as big as an apple, or so says Baby Center .

I am still feeling tired and a little nauseous at times. I have had the worst heartburn, which makes me feel a little sick after eating. It is just a darn good thing that the moment that you hold these sweet little babies you forget all the yucky stuff!!

I finished Halloween mini session pictures yesterday and they turned out so cute. I had such a great time doing them. Thank you everyone who brought their cute kiddos to the shoot.

These 3 are the most important things to me.

They are the reason for everything that I do.

I just love them so much!

Now I am off to conquer and destroy my laundry!

How do you all do your housework? Do you do certain things each day of the week? Do you just take one or two days a week and clean everything? I am in need of a system. Anyone have a good system that works?


Janell said...

Someone once told me after having the twins to do one load of laundry each morning. I started doing that - and it stuck! Before this system, I hated my life on "laundry day" because I felt trapped at home so things wouldn't sit in the dryer and wrinkle. Just a thought...

Trinia said...

I break the house down into five groups.(bathrooms, kids rooms, etc.) Then I deep clean one group each day. I spot clean the rest of the house, and do one load of laundry each day. It makes it were it's not so overwhelming, but everything is still getting cleaned.

Mindy said...

I do it just like Trinia..lol. I feel more on top of things that way. Or try following www.flylady.com. She is a bit over the top, but she has some good systems that have worked for me....like her decluttering method.