Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Easter Weekend

Due to the "fabulous" weather that was threatening the weekend, we opted for staying home and working.
We had this enourmous tree in our backyard, that Ryan has hated since we moved in. It was nice for shade, but that was about all. We ripped out our back patio, so now was the time to get rid of the tree.
<----------- see it here.

So a couple of weeks ago the chainsaw came out and we cut it down, mostly. It was big and out of control. We hauled away so many tree limbs, that if I never see another willow tree in my entire life, I will be so HAPPY!!

So this Saturday we finished the job. The back yard is top priority right now. Because we need to get the garden planted ASAP!!

And in between working we colored eggs. Emerson ended up with black fingers and we managed to not spill any egg color...

The Easter Bunny came... and left.

An Easter Egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpas was next on the agenda. The girls had a so much fun. Aniston gathered the most eggs, which were filled with money. Emerson was a little more interested in watching everyone run around.

Easter happen to fall on Grandma DeAnn's Birthday this year, so all of us were there together, at the same time, which doesn't happen very often. I hope that she had a great day because she deserves it! She is a special person who would do anything for you. She is talented in so many ways. She is the best cook and is always available for my stupid (and never ending) questions about anything and everything. She and Aniston will always have a special bond, because she had Aniston everyday since she was 6 months old.
We love her so much!! Happy "29th" Birthday Grandma!!

The hoilday weekend wasn't too eventful for us. But we were together, we were happy, and that is really all that matters in the end anyway!!


Trinia said...

How lucky are you? I think that you are the only person that I have heard of that did not have to deal with a spill while coloring eggs. Your girls look like they had a good time.

Angie said...

That tree looked a lot bigger laying on the ground!! I am with you on the twigs, branches, and leaves(no more raking!!! woohoo!!)