Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'M BACK....

and ready to blog again. Christmas, procrastinating, a computer virus, sickness, and trying to get back into a routine has taken it's toll and hopefully we are back on track!

Christmas was a whirlwind! It was fantastic and I loved being able to spend it with my family.
Christmas Eve was spend with my grandparents. We had Ryan's wonderful "prime rib". The company was the best.
The girls got to open the 1st present (jammies from Aunt Tania and her family)

and the best part is that she made them just for the girls. WE LOVED THEM!!

Christmas morning Aniston was up at 3:00. Just talking her into going back to sleep was impossible. She woke me up every half hour until 7:00.

We got up, waited for Grandma and grandpa, started the coffee, and woke up little sister. Who didn't want to get up...

Down stairs we went, to see what santa had left...

Did he come, OOHHHH YEAH he sure did!!

But the highlight, the best, the most entertaining, the reason that everyone came to our house this christmas, was the Wii!

Ryan and I always surprise each other...This year was no exception. He wanted a Guitar and so I tricked him and told him that I couldn't get one. I think he was surprised.

He surprised me with the Cricut. I was shocked and very excited. It was just what I wanted!

We made our rounds...

1st going to grandma DeAnn's. Which is always fun. The girls love them.

Then we headed back to Salina.

At grandpas the girls got to play with Uncle Chase.

This year my dad and LoraLee came down. We spent the whole day after christmas with them. I am so glad that they did that. It was so much fun. Ryan made us the best lunch, we played the Wii, we opened presents, and got to visit. It was something that I hope that we can do every year. I really, really enjoyed it and I hope that they did too!

My mom got to spend christmas with my sister this year. I am glad that she got to be there with them, but I was a little sad that they weren't here. But they came later and we had a Wii bowling tournament and Aniston kicked all of our butts.

The holidays were wonderful. After all is said and done, I am a little sad that it came and went so fast.

Now with that said...I was a crazy lady running around with her head cut off. My homeade christmas left me sewing until christmas eve. I was still wrapping presents early christmas morning at about 2:00am. I felt like I didn't get to do fun little things with my kiddos the week before. I was unoranized and very unprepared and I am very mad at myself for being that way. I vow to be better next year, I vow to get my christmas presents made before December 1st, I vow to have my christmas cards done at the end of November. (by the way I loved all of the christmas cards I got from all of you blogging friends) I vow to be PREPARED and just set back and ENJOY the season.


Meesh said...

Hey K'Brina we were starting to worry about you. Shadoe said it just wasn't like you to not blog. Good to see everybody in your sweet blog. By the way I found Grandma Dalla's sweet roll recipe and made them for Christmas! It was like having her with us. I will get your email and send it to you. Love you guys. Looks like you had a great Christmas. Give the kids a kiss for me. Aunt MiShele

zack and kara said...

I am so glad to see your new post. I have been waiting and checking every day to see christmas pictures. I can't wait for you and the girls to see the baby. I haven't see you guys forever. Oh and DeAnn has Ryan's christmas present I looked in Zack's truck and it was there. Tell him we are really sorry. I hope he doesn't think we forgot about him.

Dani said...

Glad your back!

Amy Rosquist said...

Oh good. It looks like your computer got over its virus. Cute Christmas pics!

Misty said...

I love that your BACK!!!

Shadoe said...

I am SOOOO glad that you are back. I told my mom that I was going to look your phone number up and make sure you were ok if you hadn't blogged by the end of this week. We love our wii too. It looks like you guys had a great Christmas.