Monday, March 31, 2008

Motorcycle Cuties

On Saturday the weather for the 1st half of the day was okay. Ryan wanted to clean up the backyard, so the girls got to play outside. We have bikes, swings, a sandbox, a trampoline, a slide, and power wheels. So many things to play with and so little time to play. Aniston drove around the front on her motorcycle to pick up Emerson. They hopped on and I got to snap a few pictures. Emerson doesn't like be the passenger. She wants to be in charge. When the weather started getting cold we went inside to build the shelves for the pantry. Aniston wants to be so helpful and sometimes it turns out to be Too helpful. Ryan was caulking the shelves and I turned around to catch Aniston sticking her fingers in the while caulk. I, (in a disgusted voice) asked her why she had to touch everything. She replied back with such a matter of fact statement as "My fingers can't help it, they just wanted to". How can you be mad after you here something like that. I just laughed out loud. Little things like that remind me why I love being a mother. Such innocence is beautiful!

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