Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I spent 2 whole days...

in my Kitchen!

With these beautiful boxes of strawberries...

I used to do this all the time!

I used to love standing in my kitchen for hours on end

creating beautiful things for my family.

And I haven't had the time lately...

(umm...really, like for the last 2 years)

I forgot how much I LOVE it.

I forgot how it makes me feel!

I feel happy,

I feel fulfilled,

I feel exhausted!!

She kept sneeking strawberries...

I, utterly, ADORE her.

She is silly and she is sweet,

and she talks my leg off,

and days like this make me glad that my kiddies are 4 years apart...

I get to spend so much one on one time with them.

16 pounds of strawberries,

42 containers,

25 pounds of sugar,

and a gigantic sticky mess later...

I am DONE with Jam (at least for a little while)

And I have realized a few things along the way...

I need a better balance...and a few less things to do!!

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Dawn Rae said...

Totally impressed!