Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A huge milestone...

As each day passes,

I feel it happening!

I feel my baby slipping away.
Oh, sure,
he is still a baby!
He still requires alot of my attention.
He still needs me to rock him and make his bottles.

But on Sunday, he did it.

He Walked!

and now that is all he wants to do.

I am happy,
really happy...

And I am also really sad!

He is my last baby...

and its all just happening too fast!


Janell said...

So exciting! I love the little mummy arms that stick out when they first learn to walk.

Jenn said...

So I don't know if his face or Ryan's is cuter. :) That's so fun. My Cole isn't brave enough to do it yet. I feel your joy/pain of the last one accomplishing milestones.

Lindsey said...

That is priceless....he's so cute and getting so big!