Monday, April 5, 2010

I just wanna Dance...

The girls had their dance recital on the 27th of March.
I just love it!

All the trips back and forth from Salina to Aurora are totally worth it
when I see them up on the stage!

Aniston has gotten so graceful. She was beautiful and full of personallity on stage. I was so impressed with her facial expressions. She didn't look scared at all. She was smiling and hamming it up the entire time.

This was Emersons 1st year in dance. There was only one other 3 year old in her class and she was so small in compairison to the other girls. She is so shy, I was really worried that she wasn't going to go out on stage. But she did and she even knew the dances, for the most part.

By the time they were both done I had tears running down my cheeks.

(silly hormones!)

I seriously can not get enough of these two!!

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Dani said...

Cute girls! Who do they take from? I'm just curious I thought N&B was the only choice around there...